Los Colorados / Sonido Vegetal / Worldly Savages  / This Way To The Egress / UFOslavians  / Crash Nomada / Gypsy Ska Orquesta / Los Kamer / Batov Records Takeover

Boomtown Fair 2017 has announced the latest news and line up for their thigh-slapping, swashbuckling district, Oldtown.

With a brand new immersive main stage created for gypsy jazz at it’s most hyperactive, this theatrical zone pulls together all the outrageously enjoyable outcasts in a melting pot of intrigue and surprise. Each avenue leads to a new adventure with no hint at the destination until explorers arrive, slap-bang in the middle of a high energy Balkan dance or a travelling circus troupe in the most interactive area on site.

Wandering through the fully animated experience of Oldtown courtesy of The Invisible Circus, ‘residents’ are warned to be prepared for an exploratory attack on the senses.

Each set ascends high into the skyline and even more performers will be populating second storey balconies. For anyone keen to find out more about the work that goes into creating the backstory and theatrical experience that Boomtown has become know for check out this short but sweet mini documentary…

Since the festival’s gates last closed, Oldtown’s Jolly Dodger pirate ship stage has been reclaimed by the sea, revealing the long forgotten majesty of the Oldtown Port, the new main stage for revelry in Oldtown.

All set to grace the port this year are:

  • Ukrainian Los Colorados with their re-imagined modern pop in their own fusion of barmy Balkan.
  • Spanish septet Sonido Vegetal, jumping through chord changes during impressively dynamic sets,
  • Contagious gypsy funk riffs, supplied by The Worldly Savages.
  • Skipping through tempo and  time signatures, This Way To Egress marry jazz with cabaret in a set full of surprises
  • The UFOslavians bring  infectious foot-tapping Balkan from outer space to planet Earth
  • Swedish folk punk band Crash Nomada meld thrash and jazz…it shouldn’t work, but it does
  • And London label, Batov Records, will also be commandeering the stage with a take-over made up of some of the best gypsy funk this side of Europe.

Saunter down Buskers Wharf and discover an eccentric collection of characters and mind-bending talents.

Musical cabarets and theatrical sideshows are but a stone’s throw away.

After a highly successful UK tour Australian troupe The Syndicate Show return with a performance packed with breath-taking circus antics sandwiched between eye watering one liners.

My Bad Sister, identical twins embodying a bizarre blend of princess pigtails and cockney swag match big bass with synchronised dance moves in a thoroughly eye catching display.

Pooling the many aspects of theatre and music together Pyratrix Circus provide a show not to be missed.

One part function room musician one part tuneless crooner, offbeat double act Ramshackaliscious invite disaster and The Brother’s Swag,

Mr Jeff and Sir Hoops A lot will also delight street dwellers throughout.

Moving on to Oldtown’s street venues, top of the upgrade pile is The Inconvenience Superstore (BANG HAI PLC) where you can find everything you never wanted… Long standing eccentric employers The Job Centre will be ‘doling’ out menial tasks to those willing to degrade, Grandma’s Living Room will be supplying beats and Battenberg for one of the rowdier tea parties and the Postal Posse encourage all opening of stranger’s letters at the only postal service in town, promising un-guaranteed never day delivery!

Oldtown is the eighth of Boomtown’s district line up announcements, with the Barrio Loco up next Wednesday! Check out all previous line up posters on the website here.

Tickets available from www.boomtownfair.co.uk.

Tier 1 – £155.00 Sold Out

Tier 2 – £170.00 Sold Out
Tier 3 – £195.00 Buy here

Teen Tickets – £155.00

12s and under – FREE

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Boomtown Fair

With every new Chapter, something truly astonishing unfolds!!

More info coming tomorrow at 1pm ... xx
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With every new Chapter, something truly astonishing unfolds!!

More info coming tomorrow at 1pm ... xx

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Rosie Bailey ekkkkkkkkk

Frankie SeansenaMax Cleverley

Ben Fowler Excited for whatever this is 😝

Lewis Copp

Buzzing Madeleine F. Katesmark

ohhhh shit bang hai gonna be the creme chocolate sprinkles on top of the cherry that's already been laid!! haha big up booomtownnnn

Matt AtkinLucie RowleySvea Filz

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Lucy Leilani-Jane

Jake Witor Kyle Phipps Elivia Atkinson

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Joe Bdrck 😄😄

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Amanda Chatburn Matthew Dony Donaldson 😍

Tim Holden

Ellis Drake Edd Hoare Shane Sizzle Joyner Freddie Bates Ollie Marsden Ollie Hiscock

Ash Griffen Flynn Grice Jordan Seeney Ollie Pearson Stanley Warder Ethan Prodger

Joe Rickards

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If the whole world's a game, what else is there to do but play!
Be part of the story, a legend waits to be born! 🙂

More info on character ideas coming very soon ... xx
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If the whole worlds a game, what else is there to do but play!
Be part of the story, a legend waits to be born! :)
More info on character ideas coming very soon ... xx

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Wetty Bright

Glen Crosier

Gaz Davies

Laura Fox Cheryl Killick looks different

Anyone else already workin on theirs?

Charlie Hornshawo

Joe Dixon

Joseph Davis

Mohamed M Magdy ha3yat oksem bellah mafish ahbal mn keda

Becky Mae Watson

Caz Lewington you'd be good at this being part of the cast!

Dan Cook

Dale Martyn Chatwin Alexander PB Mike Baker - What we LARPing as, lads?

Emma Nottingham

Ellie Simmonds 😭 amazing

Alexander Scully yay fancy dress again! 🤓

Bethan Brøndum-MoyseSimone Jane PiperJo Meachem 🤔😍😍😍

Sarah Stephenson

Phil LeeRuth BurgumCatherine ScudamoreDouglas Glen

Lorenzo M-t just follow the page


Amethyst Sainsbury dress up boi

David Tyler sassy

Georgina Chippy Houghton weren't you looking to do something like this??

Daan, Inoura, Cannell

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Boomtown Fair


A district celebrating global dance culture featuring a whole spectrum of underground scenes including: house, techno, hip hop, garage, grime and disco.

Venues include: Vamos, Poco Loco, 24hr Garage Girls , Kaotik Kartel , The ASBO Disco, The Desperados Clubhouse.
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A district celebrating global dance culture featuring a whole spectrum of underground scenes including: house, techno, hip hop, garage, grime and disco.

Venues include: Vamos, Poco Loco, 24hr Garage Girls , Kaotik Kartel , The ASBO Disco, The Desperados Clubhouse.

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Liam Graham

Rob Leonard

Dave Clarke had no idea you led a second life!

Ben Bruniges LuKe Harding

Zippy Knighton

Joshua Fogbat Ambler Bill Cropper Liam Woods LOOK THIS

Beth Rogers yesssssss leisure centre

Sam Griffin Matt Smith yooo

Bodhi Jon I'm impressed that you have time to rinse up Boomtown as well as being a mum. good work

Ali George

Emily Hayter !!!

Josh Wotsit Roxburgh Trey Taylor

Rebecca Rose Wren

Kynan Gowans duskyyyyy

Frances Rowe YES

Dan Cook

Aaron Eagles aj

Vijay Parandaman

Lewis Stubington sweet female attitude 😂😂

Craig this is my favourite line up 😭😭😭

Ben Morsia

This will be a good area! Kendra Durdey Carrie-louise Platt xx

Chris James

MAD MAD MAD! Can't wait for squad killings Inja, Eva Lazarus, Parly B!!!

Tobi Baugh-Love 24 hour garage girls was sick last year and flava d a must see surely?

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Oldtown Port

Los Colorados / Sonido Vegetal / Worldly Savages / This Way To The Egress / UFOslavians / Crash Nomada / Gypsy Ska Orquesta / Los Kamer / Batov Records Takeover: Kaligola Disco Bazar, Gypsy Hill, Chavo, Kool Tur, The Discount Orchestra, The Din, Cherry Bandora, DJ Kobayashi / Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags / Seas Of Mirth / Buffo’s / Wake / Ushti Baba / Solana / Balkan Hotsteppers / El Gadze / Poor Old Dogs / Aelfen / Forest Of Fools / The Balkanoes / Infinite Collective / The Dead Maggies / Balkan / Wanderers / The Folkestra / Hedge Gods

Buskers Wharf

The Syndicate Sideshow / My Bad Sister / Pyratrix Circus / Ramshackliscious / Daniella D’Ville and Big Grey / Francesca Mari / Street Milk / Chasing Whiskey / Sarah Slater / Stickleback Plasticus / Molly Orange / Charlie Bicknell / The Crew / Georgie Price / Antonia Gonzalez / The Brothers Swag / Backyard Rhythm Orchestra / Gynormous Rawkus / Rasking Bobo / Jeremy Tuplin / MaxFire / Matt Valentine / Lou Dacques / Anthony Jaquin / Marcus Lewis / Head hackers / Allan huge shame / Jay Smift / Ulysses / MissRadida / Misstress vex / Sister Strange / Kristina Carpe Diem / Postal Posse  / Pridy Rose Tattoo / Jack the Clipper  / People’s Front Room / Twisted Fairground / Gypsy Disco / Grandma’s Living Room / Rimski’s Scrapyard / Thomas Crook /The inconvenience superstore (BANG HAI PLC)  / Shamrock / Smugglers Den / Da Graaff’s Reformatory / The Library/ Doris Doos Olbitchuary Office / Lucky Cat Musement /  Zodiac Disco Klub / Boomtown Bobbies / Behind Bars / The Job Centre


Lion’s Den

Ziggy Marley / Toots & The Maytals / The Bonner Brothers (Chaka Demus & Pliers, Richie Spice, Spanner Banner, Snatcha Lion, Shepherd Bonner) / Mr Vegas / Protoje / Lutan Fyah / Big Youth + U-Roy  / Raging Fyah / Agent Sasco & Dub Akom Band / Jah9 & The Dub Treatment / Earl Gateshead with Dawn Penn + Soom T / Gentleman’s Dub Club feat. Taiwan MC, Parly B & Eva Lazarus / Channel One / Jus Now / Iba Mahr & Harar Band / Stick Figure / Suns Of Dub / Solo Banton & Horseman with The Upper Cut Band / Ras Kwame / Chainska Brassika

Hidden Woods

Randy Valentine / Nattali Rize / Kingfisha / Runkus & the Old Skool Bond / Aries / Reggae Roast feat. Brother Culture / Chilean Reggae Ambassadors / Nice Up Takeover feat. Shepdog & Seani T, Mr Benn feat. Lorna King & Gardna, Ghost Writerz feat. Serocee & RTKAL, Blend Mishkin, Red Eye Hi-Fi feat. Fox & Kiva, Cut La Vis, AAA Badboy Vs Dub Boy (Soca Set), Riddim Punx, Origin One & Parly B, Jahkron / By The Rivers / Shanti Powa / Kioko / They Say Jump / Fleck + Selecta-JMan / Kelvin 373 / Kaotic Kartel / Prank Allstars / Urban Lions / Hotsteppas / Midnight Zu

Tangled Roots

Channel One / DJ Vadim / V.I.V.E.K. / Riddimwize – Rsd & Hippy Lee Feat. Joe Peng / Uncle Dugs / Skitz & Joe Burn Feat. Inja & Jman/Delhi Sultanate (bfr Sound System) / Gold Dubs / Lion Unit (lionpulse + Unit 137) / Danny T Feat / Tradesman & Parly B / Sinai Sound / Real Roots Feat. Ramon Judah / Elektrikal Sound / Jim Bitch / Disorda / Jam Jah Sound Feat. Lionart / Escape Roots / Leo Samson Feat. Shumba Youth / Sleepy Time Ghost & Friends / Hylu Feat. Zico, A.p Grimshaw & Kosher / Ed West / Jago / Galak Spiritual / Hempolics (dj Set) / Evermoor Sound / Sasha Steppa / Rubberdub Sound / Hold Tight Records / Showcase / Samedia Shebeen / Fat Stash / Dub Time


The Windmill

Gilles Peterson (DJ Set) + Earl Zinger / Dub FX / Benjamin Zephaniah & The Revolutionary Minds / Portico Quartet / GoGo Penguin / Soweto Kinch / Sons Of Kemet / The Comet Is Coming / Jesse Royal / Liam Bailey / Mike Love / Brinsley Forde, Founder Of Aswad / Liam Bailey / DJ Format / Nomade Orquestra / Ariwo / Beating Heart /  SK Shlomo / United Vibrations / Stagga & Magugu / Laid Blak / Nérija / Afro Cluster / Reggaerobics

Floating Lotus

Baby Queens / Elder Island / Anjelo Disons / Holly Holden y Su Banda / Kit Hawes and Aaron / Catlow / New Daze / Steamchicken / Stillhouse / The Inexplicables / Kenta Hayashi / Cave Mouth / Dojo / Yusufla / Cara Means Friend / Subgiant / Color Colectif / Tashkezar / First World Pros / The Barefoot Bandit / Animanz / Almatic / Phosphenes / Kid Kosmic / Hoopy Frood / Toddler / Jausme / Just Flynn

Sandcastle Stage
Sam & The Womp / Kid Carpet / Beans On Toast / Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer / Zappatron presents the Lo-Fi Funky Space Quest / Junior Jungle / Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra / The Inexplicables / The Tribe / The Brooklyn Healer / Gorilla Breakdance / Ras Bobo


Old Mines

Frank Turner / Alabama 3 / Newton Faulkner / Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band / Kíla / Mbongwana Star / The Wurzels / Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band / Kumbia Queers / Heymoonshaker / Chris Wood / The Furrow Collective / Beans On Toast / Mad Dog McRea / The Breath / La Inedita / 47Soul / Lakuta / Sheelanagig / Showhawk Duo / Noble Jacks / Holy Moly & The Crackers

Rusty Spurs

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind / Ferocious Dog / Rusty Shackle / The Eskies / Moonshine Wagon / Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band / The Boot Hill All Stars / The Black Hearted Riders / Mick O’Toole / Imprints / Surfin’ Birds / True Strays / John D Revelator / Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra / Inbredz / Hightown Crows / Black Water County / Dry White Bones / The Back Wood Redeemers / Hodmadoddery / Captain Cactus & The Screaming Harlots / Shootin the Crow / Grandpa Joe and the Chicken Livers / Andrews & Hammond / Devils Damn String Band / The Dooks / Sam Raine

Crazy Calamities

Afro Cluster / Sounds Of Harlowe / Captain Accident / Junior Bill / King Punch / The Tribe / Krupa / Primo Nelson / The Iguanas / Agbeko / Basement 83 / Solomento / The Special Brew / 6foot7 / Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra / King Sub / The Sneak Eazies / Matt Montez Duo / The Whiskey Rebellion / Pareidolia / The Hat Club / Solomento / Slim Pickings Band / The King Solomon Band / C**ty Bumpkins / Solid Gone / Kid Kosmic / The Bare Souls / The Wooden Men / Lead Shot Hazard / Bluetown Rumble / Easy Stride Band / Eat The Evidence / The Railway Sleepers

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Dr Meaker (Dj Set) / Phibes Mandidextrous / Selector Spinach / Titan sound Shosh (24 hour Garage Girls) / Dapper Dan / Sinai soundsystem takeover / Pull up collective b2b Monroller / Gorilla Tactics Takeover / Underkind ft. Norfolk MC / Jah Prang b2b Scratch Bandikoot / Tommy D b2b Binksy Super Sunday Funday with Uncle Dugs, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter & Friends / Hot Cakes VS Tumble Audio Showcase – Cut and Run / DevelopMENT, Fish, Hybrid Theory (Hotcakes) – Lucent b2b Deadbeat UK b2b Hadean b2b Hank Limit feat MC Forca (Tumble)

Devil Kicks Dancehall

Legendary Shack Shakers / King Prawn / Planet Smashers / The Dreadnoughts / The Resignators / Los Fastidios / The Creepshow / Subhumans / Inner Terrestrials / The Filaments

The Generators / Reno Divorce / Blaggers ITA / New Town Kings / JB Conspiracy / Bar stool preachers / Faintest Idea / Petrol Girls / P.A.I.N / Pronghorn / Captain Hotknives / Counting Coins / Wonk Unit / Back to the Planet / China Shop Bull / Matilda’s Scoundrels / Firepit Collective / Pizzatramp / Casual Nausea / Rat Bag / Atterkop / Maid of Ace / Last Gang in Town DJs

Chinatown Courtyard

The Dualers  / Astroid Boys  / Maroon Town / Top Cats / Spin Te Ku / Trashtucada / Empatee du Weiss / Cut Capers / Los Albertos / Mad Apple Circus / The Downsetters / Goldmaster Allstars / Nanofish Dippers / Los Dueños / Jeramiah Ferrari / The Turner Brothers / The Stiff Joints  / The Meow Meows / Solko / Count Skylarkin / Skata Tones / Town Of Cats / Dub The Earth / Upbeat Sneakers / Big Red Ass / Sea Bass Kid / Unknown Era / Tree House Fire / Cartoon Violence / Millie Manders / Last Edition / The Activators  / Just Say Nay

The Last Stand

The Hydropaths / The Brewer’s Daughter / Mercurius Rising / Efa Supertramp / FFTP / Joe Yorke / Fabian Maddison / Will Wood / Tim Loud / Jake and the Jellyfish / John Fairhurst / Perkie / Jake Martin / Nosebleed / Joe Tilston / Adam Kahn

Freak Boutique

Autonomads / One Eyed God / Rev Schnider and His Band of Angels  / Petrol Bastard

Town Centre

Arrested Development / Eskorzo / Hepcat / Hoffmaestro / The Original Blues Brothers Band / Reel Big Fish / Sam & The Womp / The Showhawk Duo / Ska’N’Ska / Skindred / Slightly Stoopid / Smokey Joe & The Kid feat. Mystro / Sublime With Rome / Sugarhill Gang with Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio’s Furious 5 / Wax Tailor / The Wurzels


Crash Nomada / Los Colorados / UFOSlavians

Psychedelic Forest

Astrix / Ace Ventura / Berg / GAUDI / Juno Reactor / Ott & The All-Seeing I


Poco Loco

AJ Tracey /  Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts /  Dea Players Vs Problem Child / Donae’O / Elf Kid / Loyle Carner / MC Taiwan / Ocean Wisdom / The Four Owls


Ben UFO & Mr Scruff & Joy Orbison / Boddika / Booka Shade / Boys Noize / Carl Craig / Dave Clarke / Dusky / House Gospel Choir / Monki / Solardo

Bang Hai Tower

Black Sun Empire / Break / Exit Records Takeover / Kill Box / My Nu Leng B2B TQD / Optiv & BTK / Phace / Redlight / Rusko / S.P.Y / The Prototypes


Aphrodite / Caspa / Deekline B2B Ed Solo / Dub Phizix & Strategy / Freestylers / Gutterfunk Takeover (Dj Die, Addison Groove, Dismantle), Loefah / Mampi Swift / Randall / Ray Keith / Schlachthofbronx / Star.One / Storm / Utah Saints


Mefjus B2B Emperor / Shogun Audio Takeover / Shy FX / The Heatwave / Toddla T



Visually impressive, with its niche subcultures pulling the crowds, this fantastical theme-park festival rocked the house

  • The Times

Fans in their thousands flocked to the Lion’s Den stage to catch an exhilarating performance by Sunday’s headliner Damian Marley. 

  • Guardian

Winchester’s Matterley Bowl was transformed into a celebration of the most bizarre and adventurous elements of UK festival culture, [Boomtown] once again made a grab for the crown prize of festival production. 

  • Crack Magazine

Boomtown will blow your mind and transport you back to the magical make-believe world of childhood.

  • Festival Kidz



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