So, after months of speculation, Glastonbury has today dropped their first official poster into our inbox.

Putting aside the headliners (everone talks about the headliners), we’re particularly looking forward to sets from The Avalanches, Loyle Carner, and Biffy Clyro.

The Avalanches are over in the UK for a short three-date tour (plus Glastonbury) – so this is a 2017 UK festival exclusive as far as we can see.

They may only have two albums under their belts over a career spanning two decades, but with albums that good one every ten years is plenty.

Loyle Carner is, on the other hand, this year’s festival must-have name. He’s on pretty much every big festival that counts, and deservedly so.

His debut studio album hit the ground not just running, but at a full-blown sprint, and his tour diary for the year can’t have much white space left. He’s done the UK once already and has another slew of dates for the autumn as well as a schedule that takes him to the USA and Australia.

Carner’s intelligent and well-interpreted contemporary take on hip-hop is earning him both fans and critical acclaim, and if he isn’t the sound of the summer we’ll eat our much-loved festival sunhats.

And then there’s Biffy Clyro.

What can we say except to explain that a Biffy Clyro show never fails to be a defining moment at a festival.

The passion and energy that goes into every performance the band put on mean they are one act you have to put a big red circle around in your programme and make 100% sure you arrive in time to catch the whole spectacle.

Whilst some people will always grumble at festival line-ups, truth be told it’s virtually impossible for Glastonbury to have a bad year. That’s simply because it is soΒ  big, with so many stages and so many performers, that at any given moment you will always find something amazing around the corner…even if it’s unexpected and nothing you’ve ever heard of before.

So make a point of poking your head into every tent as you make your way around the site – and leave no corner of this amazing festival unexplored.

(If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket of course…if not, better luck next year…)

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1 week ago

Glastonbury Festival (official)

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If you missed out on our Glastonbury Abbey Musical Extravaganza limited edition T-shirts & Free Press posters, weve added a few at attachment


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Kate Forman The Black Dyke Band....

Karen Green

1 week ago

Glastonbury Festival (official)

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Ohh my god hundreds of deck chairs!!!!

Eleanor Finnegan Booth Eamon Booth

Glenis French xx

Sophie Beal ... can you spot us??

Rachel Neill

What a brilliantly well organised event. No hassle, no stress just enjoyment. Thank you for a lovely evening πŸ‘

Tim Mabley x

Liz Boakes like at pics your famous

Great evening

Helena Parkinson

Thanks Gill Bruce it was fabulous xxx

I can't spot you Ria Lippiatt, Terence Lippiatt, Julie Radford. Hope you had a great time xx

Juliet Sims

Fab evening, thankyou x

μ΄μ†‘ν•˜ κ°œλΆ€λŸ¬μ–΄ μ™œ 내년여름에 μ•ˆν•˜λƒκ΅¬ μ€€λΉ„λœ μ‚¬λžŒ μ—¬κΉ„λŠ”λŽ… ...

Andrea Walton Clowes looks amazing and we def need to get tickets for next year xx

Fab chilled out event, brilliant music in a stunning location

We missed out David Brewster

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