Livewire Festival


    • July 25, 2017 to July 27, 2017



      Livewire Festival

      A huge celebration of the best of old school party anthems…live and direct from Blackpool.

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      4 weeks ago

      Livewire Festival

      Hope you enjoyed the Livewire Festival 2017. ... See MoreSee Less

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      Lisamarie Edwards

      Me and my gf loved it we both hope it happens again next year

      We went on the Sunday, it was brilliant!!! x

      I never understand why the gigs are never released, or uploaded online, if they have been filmed? Would be nice keepsake or to reminisce sometimes

      We went on Sunday and saw will smith x he was amazing x the bar cue how ever was taking the piss, 2 hours for drink for people to push in front of you, nearly a bloody riot, and to be Β£6 for a pint , really put a downer on the day, needs to be better organised I mean 1 bar for 20,000 people??

      Went on the Sunday one was the best night ever!! Will smith was just the best and staying on my feet at 36 weeks pregnant was my mission and it was accomplished πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but will made my night!!

      Tim Price Ewan Alman Kevin Tasker Kim Fisher 1:42 its us getting a selfie!!!

      Tom Johnson

      Went on the Friday and Sunday. Bloody awesome. Roll on next year! 😊

      Steph Mosley Dominic Crowley

      Emma McMackin

      Benji Akers just after 3:40 you see Danielle and matt lol! X

      Sunday was just a surreal moment.

      The saturday was great fun and hardly any bar queue, price was pretty much expected. Look forward to next year's line up being released

      Rachel Herod

      We went on the Sunday.. amazing times..only one very small downside was that we wanted water but none of the vendors were allowed to sell it only the bar and as the queue was so big we couldnt wait so had to buy coke and fanta.. maybe a seperate bar selling just water as not everyone wants beer.. This isnt a criticism of the day or the organisation in any way as you should be congratulated!

      we went on sunday to see will. Very disappointed with VIP tickets..... if we had more info about tickets I wud Hav chosen gold circle. They had a much better view for half the price.

      Carl Stuchbury Anna Stuchbury Vikki Middleton

      R the Blackpool ones going to be released on DVD just wanted a keepsake for my husband as it would be a special Xmas gift for him for certain reasons I can't explain on here thanks

      Emily Hutchison

      Amazing! Can I ask who captured the footage and made this film Livewire Festival ? 😁 thanks in advance x

      Emma Curran

      Sarah Smith

      Daniel Martin

      Sunday was awesome, all acts including Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff were amazing, the big screens were too low down for us at the big speakers to see anything though!!

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      DJT Digital Media
      Will Smith Rocked Blackpool Last Night!!
      Hollywood Superstar Will Smith reuniting with his Nineties hip-hop
      partner Jeffrey Townes (DJ Jazzy Jeff) for their first live show in
      12 years at Blackpool Headlands Arena as they headlined the final night
      of Blackpool's Livewire music festival, performing to a crowd of 20,000.
      Smith's 24-year-old son Trey – who inspired his father's 1997 song
      Just the Two of Us – came to watch Sunday night's concert.
      "It's incredible," he told the Blackpool Gazette.
      "Looking at my dad up there he's obviously loving it!"
      Fans in the audience were equally enthusiastic, sharing their excitement
      on social media.
      The Gig was finished off with an incredible fireworks show.
      #LivewireFestival #JJFP17 #BLACKPOOL #LIVEWIREFESTIVAL2017 #WillSmithnewsong
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      DJT Digital Media


      Comment on Facebook

      I hope he comes back to black pool

      Best night ever, WOWβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™

      Fantastic night!

      Fantastic well happy

      100% agree. Line up fantastic. However the organisation was rubbish. Queued up at a gate at 315 ready for them to open at 4.near to the front. To be told the venue had changed its mind and wasn't opening that gate until 5pm. We were all moved to the gate near the beach house and placed at the back of that queue. Subsequently due to a delay on stage πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” they didn't allow us in until after 5pm. By which time the first gate was opened. Also no merchandise available to buy. And the bar queue was ridiculous. My husband queued for an hour. Missed all the pre show and gave us as he was about to miss the main show. One small bar stand for almost 30k people is ridiculous. You would have known how many people were coming due to ticket sales. However on the Friday night for the jacksons it was the polar opposite. No issues on the gate, no queues for the bar or food stalls and lots of staff on show. Thanks for the great line up but maybe next year learn from what happens when you have such a big act on.

      What amazing experience loved it xx

      Michelle Crowder

      Calem Maple - can you see us? πŸ˜€

      Wendy Doyle

      Harley James Birchley next time we are going

      Katie Hickman Julie Hickman Hannah Hickman

      What a great day and night we had Nicky Beff Rachael Cooper Craig Cooper πŸ‘

      Emma McMackin

      A M A Z I N G NIGHT had THE best time with Carol Lee What a performance by Will and Jaz 😍😍 xxx

      Loved it just a pity I wasn't 6ft 6 inch's tall 😊

      grate night

      Rita BaumgΓ€rtel

      Skye Petrie x

      Alex Louise Hodgson Light up da place! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Who was doing all the filming?....was it to do with you or was that Will Smith?

      Lisamarie Edwards

      Whos there next year? Will smith maybe?

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