Sundowners – one of the Jack Rocks Seven

Brands and bands sometimes make uneasy bedfellows – but there is one trademark that screams ‘rawk’n’roll’ like no other…and that’s Jack Daniels.

The Jack Rocks Stage has been a regular fixture at festivals for the last few years. And it’s been the place to make a b-line for if you want to crank up the excitement levels a notch or two.

This year the team have hooked up with increasingly legendary live promoters, This Feeling, to take seven hand-picked bands on a tour of their stages at The Great Escape, TRNSMT, The Isle of Wight, and Reading & Leeds.

We were lucky enough to see all seven play a packed industry showcase in the cellar of an East London pub as they launched their Tennessee Whiskey-fuelled UK excursion. And we can vouch for the fact that every act rightly deserves its place on the bill.

So, because you may well have never have heard of many of these acts (which is sort of the point of the exercise) we thought we’d put seven questions to each of them so you kind get an idea of what makes them tick.

Here it’s the turn of Sundowners to go under the spotlight…if you want a taster why not check out ‘Hummingbird’…

  1. Describe the band as a whole and your music in seven words

 A psychedelic fart in a space suit

  1. Use seven words to describe each member of the band

Niamh: The one who spills all the secrets

Fiona: Will ponder over what shoes to wear for eternity

Tim: Has his head either in Protools or Bass Guitars

Alfie: Chief Downer – Master of Sundowner Coin

[Which goes to show once it gets above 1-2-3-4 most musicians tend to lose count, Ed]

  1. You have a half-hour festival slot to play. Which seven songs would you choose to perform and in what order….six of your own and one cover version?
  • Before The Storm
  • Great Beauty
  • King Of The Dawn
  • Into The Light
  • Ritual
  • Helter Skelter
  • Watchful Eye

[There’s lots of versions of Helter Skelter – so we dropped our favourite one in here, Ed]

  1. Which seven bands or artists have been your biggest influences? Of these which is your biggest hero and why?

Bob Marley is probably one of our biggest heroes he’s an on the road favourite. After that it would be: Goat, Astrud Gilberto, Eminem, Peter Tosh, The Congos and Jimi Hendrix

[We had to look up Astrud too, Ed]

  1. What are your seven steps to success as a band?
  • Get in your Praccy room as often as you can
  • Listen to good music
  • Go to gigs
  • Play gigs
  • Be a unit together
  • Party together
  • Don’t Party too much together

[Sounds a bit like marriage, Ed.]

  1. Can each share the seventh-to-last photo you have taken on your phone and say a few words about it?

We were doing a show in Shoreditch a couple of days ago. We had driven down from Liverpool early that morning and the journey had been tough. As you can probably imagine six people in a van start to go a little crazy after a six hours driving and start to look out the window for any kind of amusement/stimulation. Hence we saw this shop and thought of a few f****d up friends back home that this would come in handy for…

[Less said, the better, ed.]

  1. Seven is meant to be a lucky number…what do each member of the band use as a lucky charm? 

Niamh hasn’t cut her left big toe nail since the band started (2010)…

Fiona has good luck stickers…

Tim doesn’t need one…

Alf has a similar one to Niamh but its big toe hair length instead…

[Uggghh… Ed]

Keep tabs on Sundowners via their Facebook page…

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4 weeks ago

The Sundowners

Happy Halloween from The Sundowners 🖤 🗡🖤 ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Halloween from The Sundowners 🖤 🗡🖤


Comment on Facebook

Aaaargh, freaks me out that picture ☠☠☠☠👻👻👻👻

Wonderful, wonderful band!!!!

Much love to you all from Edinburgh. 💞 Hope to see you soon!

Yesss guys!

Happy Halloween back guys keep the great sounds coming

Happy Halloween! Xx

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2 months ago

The Sundowners

Our hero and biggest influence has passed too soon, he had so much to give and so many more songs in him we believe! We will always have his music as will everyone who's lives have been touched and shaped by Tom Petty's music. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family and friends. R.I.P. ... See MoreSee Less

Our hero and biggest influence has passed too soon, he had so much to give and so many more songs in him we believe! We will always have his music as will everyone whos lives have been touched and shaped by Tom Pettys music. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family and friends. R.I.P.


Comment on Facebook

Tom Petty was simply one of the greatest songwriters of the last 50 years. To have been asked to join a band with a Beatle (George) and Bob Dylan is some accolade in itself.But when you consider that he made at least 7 classic albums - I mean absolute classic - and within those 3 masterpieces then that puts it into some perspective. There's not many artistes who can pull that kind of quality off. You have to look at the all time greats like The Beatles, Stones and Dylan for that kind of return. This is one of them. RIP Tom - forever in our hearts -


We are so lucky he left all his music for us to enjoy

Came as quite a shock this one - he always seemed so fit and healthy. 🙁

Niamh Fiona You're not going to believe this. Tom's first band back at school was called....The Sundowners.

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