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If you thought this year’s Boardmasters was epic… just wait until you see what we have in store for you in 2018! Early Bird tickets are on sale now!



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13 hours ago


Amazing footage from #BrianStorm over the weekend in Kernow!
🎥 Filmed by Sharpy:
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#BrianStorm vs Kernow


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Jake, Annabel - I did not make up storm Brian 🙏

The opening part is Porthleven not Kernow

Candice Quast this is what swell came in this weekend

Absolutely amazing photography, well done, love it!

Allanah Taylor fancy going for a swim in this

Just incredible! Wish I were there now.

Lauren Doble why is this so beautiful

Jessica Christy the storms in Cornwall 😥😥

Emma Bailey wish we were down when it's stormy!

Jasmine St John Wallis good job you weren’t out on your board! 🏄

Been pumping mate


Beautifully powerful nature!


Gordon Ross I love Cornwall storms

Debbie missed it again

Lindsay Vernon crazy!

Nadine Phillips Rob Redstone

Nicole Coleman xx

Sam Beaton xx

Max Tilden

Lydia Reynolds

Han Roberts

Peter Defcon Wood

Ashley Archibald

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19 hours ago


If you're landlocked in London town, we recommend grabbing your salt water fix at the closing night of the London Surf Film Festival this Thursday for a fun night of premieres, shorties, live music and a couple of espresso martinis thrown in for good measure! See you there 🌊

LSFFxALLPRESS Present: Good Times!Oct 26, 7:00pmAllpress Espresso & RoasteryOn Thursday 26th October London Surf / Film Festival 2017 x Reef is heading to Allpress in Dalston for an epic closing night finale - an evening of surf / film / art / live music / good times and more with our friends at Allpress and Backwash.

Bringing together road tripping, surf sessioning, sliding scramblers, smooth saddles, single-fins, sizzling sausages and Sharp's ales with a liberal dash of Espresso Martinis – courtesy of Aluna Coconut as well as our good friends: Director Chris McClean, surf adventurers and story tellers MIke Lay, Kepa Acero (who broke his neck earlier this year surfing) and LeeAnn Curren (who is also coming to play an exclusive set for us) plus our favourite musicians Colin Macleod and CJ MIrra we think it might just be the perfect way to round off this our 7th Edition of LS/FF!


UK PREMIERE: The Scramble Gamble Dir. Nathan Myers

For Full Details hit the LINK

Four friends set off on an Indonesian road trip without checking the swell, booking reservations or any of that organisational crap. On their bikes, they have everything from a 5’2″ fish to a 9’6″ longboard. The best gamble is the one you take… surfing, scrambling, exploring, whatever.


WORLD PREMIERE: #Headwindhaters Dir: Chris McClean

A pedal powered surf trip to the Western Isles...featuring Cornwall’s stylemaster-in-chief Mike Lay, Basque surf adventurer Kepa Acero and south west France’s female charger Lee-Ann Curren.

Presented in person by Kepa Acero, Mike Lay, LeeAnn Curren and Chris McClean.

Live music from LeeAnn Curren, CJ Mirra and Colin Macleod.


UK PREMIERE: Dispatches From Mexico Dir: Eugenio Barcelloni

Charging huge Mexican beach break barrels with Euro traveller explorer Eugenio Barcelloni.


The OA3 Dir: Roger Sharp

Shaka Status Dir: Chris Case

LaYzDaYz Dir: Chris Levi

Tickets for the night deliver, these massive movies and a Sharp's ale to whet the whistle, an Aluna Coconut Espresso Martini to get you in the spirit, live music, good times and a bucket load of stoke! There is rumour of a mighty sausage sizzle!!!! Tickets are limited so grab them while you can!!


About The Wave Project: “We help young people to reduce anxiety and improve confidence through surfing! Our award winning surf courses are proven to help clients feel calmer, more motivated and better about their future.”
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LSFFxALLPRESS Present: Good Times!

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    Aled Lewis

    Amy Louise Tom Beckett we aren’t missing it again next year!

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    Esmee Law

    Douglas Law can you buy them plzzzzz

  3. Millie Sweetx you can buy tickets now

  4. Simon Tucker, I had no idea! Did you know about this?

  5. David Rodgers Alex Raeburn Ben Macey looks like this is the boardmasters 2018 team. ❤

  6. Nadine. Let’s do this next year

  7. Ben Marshall are we taking the 5 month old baby? 🤙🤔😂

  8. Alix Bond I love this style of video!

  9. Jill Raduch…. Jooooooooohhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn 😍

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    Liviia Hale

    Ryan Eastwood please…… it would be rude not to 😍😍 you no you wonna see the golf club view again.😂

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    Emily Dodd

    Grace Brierley Beatrice Troughton look at all the stuff we never even went to! Hahah we have to go to it all

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    Esmé Mann

    Amy Grant guess who’s got next years tickets

  13. India Butler I actually wanna go this year☺️

  14. Aidan Libby 2018 we gotta go again

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    Yaz Brookes

    Samantha Lewis I think if its a good line up we should try and go next year. Drag some of the others with us maybe 😜

  16. Harriet Johnson Amanda Babos Georgia Jay Ryder Alys John I know this is a while off but we should plan to go! Save poor Georgia coming up all the time 😂

  17. Jacqui Li this is what was on about, shall we book?

  18. Kizzy Churchward thank u for booking again for me and u VIP BABY X

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    Melo Dee

    Charlotte Sampson they got a deposit scheme? What you think 💭

  20. Amber Ordidge we are 100% going next year!

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    Mel Currell

    Jordan Aisbett we should deffo go next year


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