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Javid Nabiyev gives a video report on last police raids against gay/ transexuals in Baku, Azerbaijan.
[ … The raids happened in the street locations where they are meeting collectively or private apartments… ]

[ … More than 50 people got arrested … ]

[… They were beaten, they have been charged with a drug. Police shaved the hair of some of them. And several people had 20 days penalty because of “strength against the police”. They forced to give the contacts of their friends. ]

[ … The statement of deputy chairman of the Justice Party Ayaz Efendiyev which supported these actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Defending these creatures who are sources of immorality, dangerous diseases, and who have been cursed by God, Western circles trying to destruct of our national traditions under the name of “human rights”… ]

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Brighton & Hove Pride - Official Page

BBC News
George finally got an apology from the UK government for his 1974 conviction.
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This wonderful gentleman is an inspiration to every gay person growing up today. He has integrity and decency beyond compare. Tonight I raise a glass to him.

This guy is a total legend! See him every year @ pride ❤️

Took the government long enough x

Fantastic news George 🌈♥️🌈

Wonderful. Very honoured!

Wonderful news 🌈🌈

My best wishes to you George. X

Fantastic news ❤️❤️❤️

Well done George 🌈🌈

Took their time😡😡

Congratulations, 🎢🎇🎉🎉🎊

About time

Annie Lyons Esme Brewin Ben Wood ❤️❤️❤️

Kerrie Mannix

Nicky Lawson

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