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Hi Folks, A little message from the Folk Festival Team.

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Love this photo! We'll throw it open to a caption competition...
(Photo: John Scott)
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Love this photo! Well throw it open to a caption competition... 
(Photo: John Scott)


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I'll just take a photo to remind me to come back next year!!!

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  1. It was great as always, can’t wait until next year 🤗 xx

  2. Top festival. Had a great time.

  3. As long as you listen to, and act on, the feedback. It wasn’t as good this year

  4. Stopped going two years ago – too many people and too many chairs, especially in the marquees.

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    Jamie Hyde

    There has already been so many comments left immediately after the festival yet this message doesn’t acknowledge the time that people have already spent.

    ‘Transition’ is a word used so frequently these days it is becoming a euphemism for an acceptable level of under performance/ under achievement. In that case, I agree, it was a year of transition.

  6. Better ! Better ! Lots more room in the arena, lovely food selection , wonderful eclectic music , great camping at coldhams, frequent buses , late night bar and music at coldhams , what’s not to like !! Carry on 🙂

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    Mike Marks

    I’m a fan of the chair as long as it’s in the outer arena area. Must agree with some of the comments here. We have come every year for the last 10 years. This year didn’t really hit any of our musical buttons. Nothing against Jake Bugg but your headline act? The Friday ladies takeover would have been better if the line up had been a little more invigorating. There were some highlights for us with new bands enjoyed such as the Eskies, Daori Farrell, Jamie Smith’s Mabon,Lisa Hannigan and orphan Colours were highlights. I feel that the Friday and Saturday night evening acts were a little lacklustre and we ended up being bored and going back to our caravan to shelter from the rain and play cards listening to more uplifting music. Don’t think we will be back next year despite liking Rhiannon Giddens and CCD! Thanks for asking for feedback.

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    see you in 2018!

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    Jane Edwards

    This was our 9th year and we like many others were disappointed , Friday was boring and we went back to our tents early as it wasn’t worth sitting out in the weather any longer, Saturday was a little better , as was Sunday , the size of the programme was a shock , and my other gripe is the change in car park for weekend campers , as has already been said on here all this was said in the online survey , we are considering just doing a day ticket next year , which will be decided when line up is published

  10. Hi Mike, we are really pleased you enjoyed the highlights you listed above and also really appreciate the honest feedback about some of the other parts of the programme this year. Every year for us is different and a learning curve. At the moment we are busy planning for next year and we hope that there will be lots to excite you about and hopefully tempt you to #CFF18. Folk Festival HQ.

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    Terry Allen

    Been well over 10 years since I was taking the lad to a few Downloads , and the 70’s since_I_was a Festival goer , but seeing the Sky Arts coverage and the fact that Rhiannon Giddens is involved next year is tempting the wife and I to come to Cambridge next year for the first time.

  12. Just being able to see my fave band solas after all this time was a dream and chilling with Breabach! Great time last year!

  13. For me the line up was not at all as good as previous years

  14. Get rid of the space hogging chairs at main stage that people leave while they go to other stages and off for dinner etc. Infuriating!!!

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    Peter Morgan

    Just hoping Rhiannon Giddens as curator will mean some US / Americana acts throughout programme – this year programme (as with so many of the larger Folk Festivals) a little ‘samey’ and Jake Bugg bless him however you dress it up not a headliner.

  16. Love love loved it all. Great new acts. Noble Jacks stand out. Next year – The Decemberists/Offa Rex please!
    Oh and a little more help finding a pitch a Cherry Hinton (we ended up camping in the staff area by mistake!) sorry 😊

  17. Much better viewing facilities needed for those with limited mobility and other specific needs. A viewing platform in the middle facing the main stage is much better than the ad hoc one added along the one side of the marquee = vision is blocked and we’re not in amongst the main crowd.

  18. The price has to be the main problem. It is very expensive. The other is the size of the programme, it is too big.

  19. Hi. You really need to work on the line up. I wasn’t a fan of Frank Turner but thank goodness he was there to liven things up a bit. There were high points obviously but nothing like as good as previous years. Oh, please could you move the wristband collection back to Coldhams Common? We’ll be back next year but if the line up doesn’t improve it may be our last.

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    Chris Murray

    It was a poor lineup for me this year but a lot of people loved it. There has always been a good balance at Cambridge but, for a really good lineup this year, look at Shrewsbury Folk Festival’s line up.

  21. well contrary to a number of opinions above, I think there’s always too much emphasis on American groups in your line-up – come on, where are all those fabulous continental European groups – you seem to generally have one token one per year e.g. 2011 Anxo Lorenzo Spain – great, 2015 Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino Italy – fantastic. There are plenty more out there and how about Eastern Europe and fabulous Bulgarian singers? and Middle eastern and African? Bokante were fabulous this year and what an interesting mix of musicians. As for the new shape programme – rubbish, awkwardly large, please go back to the handy little pocket-sized one!

  22. 1.Line up for the last two years has been lacklustre – are you spending enough of our ticket money on top acts? hopefully Rhiannon will boost it next year.

    2.programme needs to be pocket sized again.

    3.chairs are needed (many of us are not so young) but only chairs of a certain height should be allowed in. some folks are bringing very high backed chairs which are impossible to see over.

    4. Did like the new extended eating area – but more picnic benches and cover against weather would be good.

  23. Been a regular goner to the festival in the last few years and love what it is. However, this year was the poorest for a number of years. The main issue to my mind was the quality of the line up, the most uninspiring in memory. too much banal pop country and a general lack of recognised names at the top of the order. This was compounded by some odd scheduling (who decided on Lau and Jon Boden being on at the same time?). The changed venue layout didn’t seem to work particularly well especially with regard to access to the club tent. The price of everything had gone up noticeably. Feels like the festival is trying to charge for less. The two festivals since the Trust took over have been inferior to what went before and it needs to up its game if the long term future of the festival is to be secured.

  24. This year I missed the bands that I had not heard of previously that turn out to be great. Overall the programme was less inspiring than in the previous years and I get the impression that previous programmes have been more professionally curated. It has left me feeling sceptical about the idea of guest curators. Curation is a job that requires skill and experience – it seems arrogant to assume a high profile singer or a musician has both these qualities. You would not ask a professional curator to headline the main stage on Saturday night… CFF is more than just a folk festival, it has become one of the main custodians of the folk tradition in the UK. I hope I am wrong but I got the impression of commercialisation creeping in to snatch the crown-jewels…


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