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BIG NEWS CarFesters! πŸŽ‰ We’re busily working away to make CarFest bigger & better for you in 2018.

Who was listening to BBC Radio 2 & the The Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning? He might have just mentioned the 2018 dates πŸ˜€

Because they were such great venues, we’re heading back to Bolesworth Estate 27-29 July for CarFest North, then swinging down to Laverstoke Park Farm 24-26 August for CarFest South.

They’re going to be brilliant weekends and we can’t wait to help raise more money for BBC Children in Need.

Get planning, July 2018 will creep up on you quickly!

CarFest for BBC Children in Need


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THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE: Tickets for CarFest 2018 go on sale Thursday 9th November at 8am. Sign up to our newsletter via the website and be the first to receive the ticket links.
Until then.. watch the BRAND NEW CarFest 2017 highlights video #happyfriday
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CarFest 2017 Highlights Video


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This totally unfair most people have to save to get these tickets and now we have no chance for next year this is not fair we are not all dripping with cash

Anyone know when the tickets go on sale for the local people ?

Wahoo! Already looking forward to it!

Great news - get it in the diary!

Emma 😍😍 xx

Tina Willis πŸš˜πŸš—πŸŽπŸšπŸšœ

Sian Clay George Caldwell. Would you be interested in going next year... like Glasto you get the tickets very early so don't know if George will know with work. Emma Fox will tell you it's not as full on as Glasto

we won't be going next year . Have been 2 years running now and with better acts at South than North each year we feel totally disgruntled

I hope there will be a major improvement on the camping showers and toilets......they were shocking this year!

Jo Milne Charlotte Richards Louisa Moorhouse Gina Bolton Laura Dyson. Guys this looks fab for both kids and adults. Music line up is good too. What do you reckon for next year?

Spencer Cornwell I'm going to try and get us tickets!,! See if you can persuade Josh CornwellJoe Cornwell and jake and co. For a bit of camping!

Jordan, Jarrad, Taylor, Josh - this looks like something you guys would enjoy 🏎🏎

Ryan Baxter is this enough notice

Mark...could be a good mini weekend away?

Zac Jones not the best time for them to go on sale πŸ™

Louisa Sheldon are we going again... all of us!? And extra friends???

I heard tickets were Β£167 each! Way out of my league

Need a bit less rain this time though...

Been to both car fest north/south totally fantastic out of this world πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Lorna McAtee these go on sale as well in nov!!πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆxx

Can't wait. 1st timers at North this year and want to come back this year.

Christian Daffurn something else for us to do with the children next year 😊

I’m sure you’re on this around 2:10 Dusan! xx

Carole Waggett need to think about this if you're interested for next year...

Let's wait and see how many acts are announced and don't turn up

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4 weeks ago

CarFest for BBC Children in Need

Hip hip hooray to all our amazing CarFest families. Tag yourself, family or friends in our pictures, plus don't forget to post your own snaps too! #tbt #saycheese ... See MoreSee Less


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Shedfest 2016! Hard work but great fun. 2017 was even better. Brilliant weekend. Laura Dudsbury Lisa Dudsbury

Noah Healy Daniel Healy #carfestsouth

Rachel Peacock Dan Peacock

Amazing weekend at CFS with the kids and Nick Cooke. Still experiencing post CarFest blues.....

Watt-Bot, MiRo, BB8 and the whole #YoR2017 team wanted me to let you know they recognise lots of these happy faces and we were all delighted so many of you came to visit us πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

Car fest north.. rained for hours and hours

My beautiful son Jacob Oliver Hare, we had the best time ever.

Carfest Sunday special!

Post festival dash photo....sadly the selfie stick cut Jayne off!! Absolutely brilliant weekend, bring on 2018, but gutted that modern technology failed and we never made it on stage with Chris as invited.....the text with the info arrived Monday once we'd left site!

1st time ever at #Cfs - great family memories #brilliantfestival #fabmusic #fabactivities #carsracing #speef #fun #secure #peacegreatcamping willdoitagain! πŸŽΆβ˜€οΈπŸ”πŸš—

Carfest North Car-nival entry #carfest #notyouraverageweekend

The Austin family about to go on a Sporting Bears ride at Car Fest South.

Raffle ticket sellers extraordinaire

Throwing some shapes carfest north

4th carfest south, 2017 best ever with best friends.

Sunset- Sunday evening. Carfest South 2017.

Michelle Williams David Williams Zak Williams and Luke Williams

#carfest North.

Red arrows - Carfest south 2017 #bluesky

Wet Friday carfest north


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    Emma Morris

    Please don’t make it bigger, more than enough people there

  2. James, Cheryl – Here are the dates for next year.! South is better as you get BH Monday to recover afterwards!

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    Elaine Dunn

    I will make sure my waterproofs are dry for then

  4. We’ve been day festers for the last 3yrs CFN but it’s getting rubbish. Will try for CFS next year. Much better acts because presumably cheshire is too far away?!

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    Alan Kemp

    Stop making it BIGGER!! It’s fine. I know it’s for charity, and we can’t go back to the intimacy of the first one, but surely 40K is big enough???

  6. Not bigger,,, different music acts would be nice, I love Texas but, Texas, Sophie Ellis bexter , beautiful south are getting boring every year….

  7. Is bigger always better? The sound stage area was much more crowded this year. My 13 year old reduced to tears by abuse from audience members when only trying to wend his way to our seats.

  8. Not a fan of bolesworth. Oulton Park was better layout

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    Ian Fox

    The South this year had far too many people as it is, add another date if need be, bigger is not always better!!😫

  10. I can’t believe people are selfish and only thinning about themselves. “Don’t make it bigger. Too many people” More people make more for the charity as we heard this morning. First time at CFN and loved it. Previous year couldn’t get tickets. Not everyone gets a chance. People put in a lot of work to make it more enjoyable. Maybe CF Cornwall but would love CF Scotland.

  11. We enjoy CFS the way it is. But if it does get bigger, would that mean bigger bands will be tempted to play? Keep the steam fair, wigwam stage together and put the flying seagulls project in the same area

  12. Two additional venues maybe one in Scotland and one in Ireland would be a better idea than increasing size capacity.

  13. Does bigger mean more people or more entertainment or both?

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    Lucy Thorpe

    Don’t make it bigger!!! Put on more venues or dates! Will loose intimacy and family friendly feel! Not sure we will go again if bigger. First couple of years definitely better. CFS parking and exiting was so much better this year though on Saturday…..they have finally got that bit sorted!

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    Peter Lee

    Went this year for the Manics… Would never go again.. staff were terrible. And Manic Street Preachers beneath The Lionels and Rick Astley…. really? A covers band and a guy with two hits and had to fill his set out with foo fighters covers. Joke

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    Debra Webb

    Wasn’t impressed this year. We have supported Carfest every year since it started and the same old acts are getting tedious. There were so many more people this year but they hadn’t increased the facilities accordingly, so spent hours queueing for everything. By the evening you just could not move around the site to get drinks and food as people were packed in like sardines. I know it’s for children in need but you still have to make it enjoyable or people will not go. We left early this year because we had had enough. Maybe more dates and venues rather than packing more people in?

  17. It’s the same old bands & stands. Needs a shake up / rethink rather than making it bigger. Expensive too, runs into the 100s of pounds. The loos & showers are shocking. Always gone north. Might try south in 2018 but then that’s it for me. It’d be easier to just donate to CIN direct.

  18. It hasn’t been the same since the Red Barrows were dropped from the line up. I miss their crazy tomfoolery. Handsome chaps too.

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    Paul Fowler

    Been to every Carfest North won’t be going again , it getting far to big and its getting the same year after year , it a shame really . The better way would be to do more smaller festivals around the country , Bolesworth is not really North 😑

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    Jane King

    One thing car festival team sort out the toilets went to Carfest North they were disgusting spolit it for me and friends who went. Spoke to the site manager I think Joanna said they would be improved only think that’s putting us off going again.

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    Sharon Young

    I would also love to see CarFest coming to Scotland! Or at least a bit closer to us….we went to CFN for the first time this year and loved it but it was a very long journey to get there.

  22. Can’t believe how many people are moaning, simple option – don’t go if you are not happy! We saw no difference with the increased numbers at south this year, we had a brilliant time.

  23. Does not need to be any bigger needs to be better…..just can’t bring myself to watch bloody Texas for the umpteenth time. And if one more person mentions the charity guilt trip once more…..😑

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    Becky Allen

    Can we have the children’s stuff, like the flying seagulls and craft stuff back near the wigwam tent. I was nice before to be able to listen to music and grown up stuff while entertaining the kids. I felt this year the kids stuff was out in the middle of no where, with no bar or music. Not must fun for us adults.

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    Rod Evans

    Carfest north ( cheshire) is ideal. Stunning views,over looking north wales mountains. Sunset is stunning when it’s not raining πŸ™‚


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