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Ahead of the return of his production of Giselle for English National Ballet at Sadler’s Wells, the internationally celebrated choreographer Akram Khan talks about his very own Desert Island Discs of dance with award-winning performer and director Kathryn Hunter live from CURVE Theatre Leicester.

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Dance Umbrella

Just a reminder that tomorrow's performance of Is this a Waste Land? Is cancelled due to 40mph winds. Email to rearrange for 12noon on Sunday or refund ... See MoreSee Less


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DOT | Cia Maduixa

DOT | Cia Maduixa

Oct 26, 11:00am - Oct 26, 2:45pm

Laban Building
Laban Building, Creekside, Deptford
London,  SE8 3DZ Map

A high-tech/lo-fi gem for children projecting a dotty world of light, colour and imagination.

Tickets available through:
Dance Umbrella -
The Albany -

BSL interpreted performance - 14.00h

Additional Activities
DOT arts activity - free workshop pre and post show. Drop-in between 10.30h and 15.15h

Laban Theatre
£10 (£8)

Family Ticket (group of 4) £32

Recommended age 3+
... See MoreSee Less

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  1. Been waiting for a chance to meet the person who changed and provoked my mind….as a human being and dancer

  2. Thanks for alerting me. Love Space Arts

  3. Can you let me know the # to submitt a quetsion please?

  4. Send your stns to #MyDanceDNA or simply post in comments

  5. So many boys have become dancers because of Michael Jackson what an inspiration

  6. Watching from Mallorca, this is incredible! MJ has inspired so many from writer critic Sanjoy Roy to Aakash Odedra’s producer Anand Bhatt

  7. So many dancers and dance companies now inspired to explore narrative, thanks to Akram’s powerful influence on the current dance scene.

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    Philip Lowe

    Phil Lowe of East Midlands Theatre dot com finding this fascinating and connected with reference to Peter Brook and Mahabharata. Quality of stillness too. Watching from Nottingham.

  9. I recall that the moment described by Kathryn, coming up in the elevator and after pause sharp turn of head , so kathak🙂

  10. Such an inspiration. Saw kaash in Bucharest and will see chotto desh in Rome 💫

  11. #mydancedna what do you Want audiences to understand and feel when experiencing your performances?

  12. Loved Zero Degrees – be great to introduce a new audience to the work

  13. I agree Zero Degrees was a profound piece

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    Vikki Munro

    devasted i didnt know this was taking place… and so grateful for the live broadcast….

  15. #MyDanceDNA Akran With so many forms of dance how did you know contemporary dance was your calling.?

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    Jenny Brown

    #mydancedna Chaplin had a great ability to entertain audiences from all walks of life, is this something you strive to do in the work you create?

  17. What is your message for next generation of dancers ?

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    Philip Lowe

    “Real listening happens when we stop waiting to speak.” Lovely answer to my Pins Bausch question. Loving the discussion. Very eloquent dialogue between Akram and Kathryn. Thank you. Xx

  19. #MyDanceDna Ballet evolved into contemporary dance over the ages and into what it is we see today, and it is constantly evolving, as a Kathak dancer, I look to you as one of the pioneers responsible for evolving this beautiful classical art form. Where do you see Kathak evolving to and do you think it is ready to undertake an evolution? Especially in the context of Indian contemporary dance?

  20. So articulate yet so humble.

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    Ealin Agni

    Thank you …


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