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The Late Great Winston Hubert McIntosh aka Peter Tosh OM – a REGGAE AND HUMAN RIGHTS LEGEND

Life work trumpeted freedom and the struggle against injustice – Among the many causes about which he spoke most eloquently and campaigned most tirelessly for is the peril of nuclear weapons and he’s words in the song “No Nuclear War” is as relevant Today as they were 30yrs ago when he wrote them:

Too many people are hungry they don’t have enough food to eat –
free us from chains of misery –
unemployment I said the rate is high,
So much mad people getting ready to explode,
Inflation goin’ way up high –
And the dollar is going way down low –
we don’t want a nuclear war – with nuclear war we won’t go far –
People They want to live in peace And happiness –
Let the trees grow – Let the waters flow

RIEP Peter Tosh a Legacy that will live forever – version of the title track from Peter Tosh’s album, No Nuclear War.

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