In a frenzy of strobe lighting the increasingly introspective and enigmatic Radiohead delivered a tour de force in understated pomp and circumstance as they brought Friday night’s Pyramid Stage to a close at Glastonbury 2017.

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Today, Radiohead.TV has for you the i-Days Festival, Milan, Italy show from 16th June: ... See MoreSee Less

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You complete scumbags - look at jerusalem now! 3 Palestinian kids murdered in cold blood today and you join Israels PR team!!!! Shame on every fucking one of you

Pissed off with you guys !!! Been a fan since the start and now you do a "sun city" and totally ruin my interpretation of your music and lyrics!! This is not politics!!! This is Apartheid!!! There's a difference!! Sad times !

Used to love Radiohead. So disappointed they're supporting an apartheid state by not boycotting as they've been asked to. BDS!

I am polish jewish and i would rather die fighting this apartheid than be part of it.Most of the jews dont live in israel for very good reason.Apartheid,ethnic cleansing,rasism and facism~thats NOT a jewish values.We remember all the scumbags who use to profit and support Sout African Apartheid~we will remember every scumbag who support israeli apartheid!

Thank you so much for coming to Israel. We've missed you so much and been waiting for this for so long. It was the best concert I've ever been to. Hope to see you again here in the future. Thank you. <3

I think Chris Cornell and Chester did more heroic acts than Radiohead and Thom Yorke did.

Whilst there is much to be critical of Israel this is pure and simple antisemitism.

I don't understand why people don't want u guys to play at Israel. radiohead fans are radiohead fans no matter what

Thom Yorke has, unwittingly, added a weapon to the arsenal of BDS: the fact that his Tel Aviv gig has been so gloatingly celebrated by the Israeli state and its embassies worldwide proves the extent to which Israel exploits culture to whitewash its crimes. Thanks, Tom - now go to hell.

A private show in the Gaza strip now please.

Thanx for the show in israel. It was spiritual inspiration. It's my first RH concert but not the last

These are the real Radioheads:

This is a major problem with bands. I like their Music but don't agree with certain things about them and it's always to do with the industry. They have to do this to make themselves look good to the elite, be team players. They don't have to but they do anyway and they're just protecting their lives and careers by aligning themselves with a system that doesn't care about them.

PLEASE don't play Tel Aviv, guys. Please. I know you think you're doing the right thing, but you're not. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Your music has been the major soundtrack of my life. Please don't do this.

Don't let the fascists prevent you from entertaining us with your music. I get it, it's just music. Not politics not religion; just music.

Radiohead is dead for me๐Ÿ˜ก Shame on You for playing in the Apartheid country Israel.

So are you guys comming to Russia anytime soon? Lots of fans here, you know...

Thank you so much for these. I hope you'll give the same treatment to the Tel Aviv show. After all that bullshit (those people are real silent now, huh?) the rest of us would love to see it.

SOOOO glad I didn't bother to see u at Glastonbury, what utter shits you are playing Israel in a stadium built on flattened Palestinian villages. No morals, no ethics, pity you have become so successful, well you've lost a lot of fans now!

Free occupied Palestine

Goodbye Radiohead - there were good times and I thought I might still be able to listen to you after Tel Aviv, but nope - your pig headed arrogance and glaring privilege has turned it all sour for me - if you don't think you've emboldened the maniacal Bibi and his mates in the Israeli state you are totally deluded but I suspect you just don't care.


TelAviv was smashing!! Loved it! Thank you for showing the way to deal with BDS. YOU DON'T!! Just tell 'em to fuck off. What are they gonna do? The same thing they always do. Nothing. Because to them, doing nothing is doing something while the rest of the world creates something. Radiohead creates. BDS waits. Radiohead makes something. BDS makes nothing. Radiohead empowers. BDS grumbles in the shower.

Radiohead, I suggest you to change the date from 16-JUN-2016 to 16-JUN-2017 and also the title 'cause Youtube doesn't show your video has the first result.

*thank you Radiohead, For me the greatest setlist was from the NOS alive 2016 show, but I hope to get some OKNOTOK songs in the next tour ๐Ÿ™‚

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