Barry Gibb – Glastonbury 2017



Barry Gibb – 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' – Glastonbury …

Barry Gibb – 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' – Glastonbury 2017

Posted by Barry Gibb on Monday, 26 June 2017


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Barry Gibb

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Love the "Disco" music! The Bee Gees have been my favorite since the 1960's! I have liked to dance since my high school years, and still like the Disco music! The Bee Gees music is always "Magic" to me, they have the greatest unique sound in their music ever, and it will last forever!

Está música fez parte da minha adolescência, meus irmãos foram assistir este filme no cinema cinco vezes, somente para aprender a dançar como o John Travolta... Hahaha! Tempos lindos! Obrigada Bee Gees! Obrigada Barry Gibb por tantos momentos memoráveis em nossas vidas! Eu te amo! 👏💙👍😉🎉🎼

I remember working in the Men's Wear Dept at K-Mart and having to dress the mannequins in all those disco shirts....:D

Need to see this movie again soon, haven't watched it in years, love proper disco music, and John Travolta 💜

Só quem viveu nesta época é que sabe como era mágico!!! Tempos lindos que nos trazem sentimentos maravilhosos!!! Vivi intensamente esses dias e dancei muito ao som dos "Embalos de Sábado a Noite"!!! Tinha os concursos de dança!!! Participei na época e era incrível!!!

this music makes me feel young again. I was 13 when this movie and songtrack came out. I was dying to get into the disco with a fake ID. Although, i spent most my time at the rollerskating rink disco dancing on skates instead.

One of my favotite songs ...I play Bee Gee's songs over and over, I do care what my heart say!... we love this music so very much as a therapy for body and soul😍🍑thanks ... sharing is caring

I bet I have watched this movie 500 times over the years. It’s a classic and I will continue to watch it....

ahhh. missing those days. Guys did not shave their chests and you could go to a club and dance the night away. now people just go out to watch sports and drink.

Hoss Lopez I remember you having a similar ritual to getting ready before hitting the clubs - as a matter a fact similar clothes....

Sunday morning pork in the slow cooker calvados my own pears apples 🍎 sage and some smoked garlic chickens 🐔 out and Barry ,what more do you need on Sunday morning 😊🙃😊🌻🌼🌾🍂🍁🦋😘❤️👩🏼‍🌾x

I don't care what anybody says Disco was cool.

Que clipe M-A-R-A-V-I-L-H-O-S-O, e com música de Bee Gees,ficou melhor ainda! AMO a era Disco, pena não ter tido a oportunidade de viver essa época, que pra mim foi a melhor época musical de todos os tempos.

This movie was my intro to the Bee Gees, and it's been an affair of the ❤ for 40yrs, a fan for life!

Sem palavras......amo Bee Gees, e o John Travolta nesse clipe então......tudo maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤

Love this sound trac, love the BeeGees!!

The music....Bee Gees...favorite for me since 40 years...for me and my twinsister....for allways in my

Thank you Barry - Bee Gees Music always gets me back to a place of sheer Euphoria!!💕

Love that movie and the Bee Gees forever and alway Andy

Just one more reason I love Barry, Mo, and Robin

Amazing love Barry gibb the best the Bee Gees xx

Et oui j'ai beaucoup aimé le film et surtout la musique des Bee Gees

Love the Movie and the music.

Love the Disco music love the Bee Gees, Love Travolta dancing. This music makes us feel young again

ja dit waren noog tijden disco dansen het helle weekeinde super maar jamer is niet meer

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Bee Gees - You Win Again (1987) Official ... See MoreSee Less



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Ohhhhhhh...Yes.... YOU definitely WIN AGAIN SIR BARRY GIBB... My heart belongs to all your music...especially this song and video which I have never seen....what a great combination of entertainment this radiates!! Made me sing along ( my poor )

Thanks for sharing Barry. There will never be another group with the perfect harmony that the Brothers Gibb had. I do enjoy all these videos & clips that you share. BTW with your hair back in a ponytail here, it looks so much like Andy. But I always thought you too looked alike, Big brother & Little Brother. ❤️

Another favorite song... and fantastic video. Though it's strange to see Barry Gibb with his hair in a ponytail! But oh, still sooooo handsome!!! Love how they're all dancing, too. "One day I'm gonna lift the cover and look inside your heart..." Love it!!! <3

Yes Barry Gibbs you can park your shoes. Under My Bed any time I think I have most the the Bee Gees Recording . Been a fan for a long time Best wishes to you and the Family..

The Bee Gees are one of those rare groups that never made a bad album, and they always had massive hits in each decade they were active. Endless gratitude to you and your brothers, Barry. You wrote the score to our lives.

Barry looks so handsome in this video with his hair in a ponytail. I love this song and the music just makes me want to dance. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. Much love and respect for Barry, always!

i remember i did buy the 45trs and i played it again and again. Je me souviens j'avais acheté le 45 tours et j'écoutais le disque encore et encore. No CD at the time! Pas de CD dans l'temps!

I have loved your music as long as i remember im 63 and ive been listening to your music and loving it ever since i was a you guys.xo

The years pass and these songs are still in my heart! Greetings from the end of the world - Argentina.

Amazing, love this song, one of my many favourites of The Bee Gees never get tired of listening to it, thanks for sharing once again xxxxxxx

Thank you Barry for another great song in the soundtrack of my life! You'll always be my first love ❤️ 🤗

I love this "comeback"!! I've have on promo cd single!!... You've made the best pop songs ever through the period 87- 2001.

Wow !!! Barry !!! Love ❤️ Your hair pulled back in a ponytail !!! Looks real nice & I just love ❤️ your dance moves !!! You really do win again.... ❤️

THE STOMPS!!!! ILOVE the video of maurice explaining that!! I also LOVE the song!! I love the BeeGees and I luve YOU Barry!! KEEP ON SINGIN!!

Fab love this one to bee Gees music will always be MAGIC ❤️⭐️x

I never understood why this song wasn’t a bigger hit. The entire lp ESP was great

My favourite Bee Gees's song, love the beat & music!!! Love these guys!!!

Barry's age does not matter much. His quality will never be preserved.❤️😘😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Bee Gees are spectacular. Love all their songs. Barry sure looks hot 🔥🔥🔥

Oh My! I have to have my Bee Gee fix every morning. Great Song!

I love Love LOVE this song! it is my forever no.1 Bee Gees song! Thank you so much for uploading this song ♥️

Da geht bei mir die Sonne auf , ebenso wie die Nackenhaare ! Gleich mal meine CD's von den BeeGees auflegen und den Tag genießen ! Hatte sie zum letzten mal intensiv in den 70ern ohne Ende gehört , danach nur noch auf Party's ! Wird nun wieder Zeit , die alte Zeit wieder aufleben zu lassen ! Lets have fun !

The best 😘Love Bee Gees ❤❤❤beautiful song 🎶💖

goodafternoon barry yes we all win keep them coming 😍

I love this video. It was played at my graduation 👨‍🎓

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