Barry Gibb – Glastonbury 2017



Barry Gibb – 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' – Glastonbury …

Barry Gibb – 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' – Glastonbury 2017

Posted by Barry Gibb on Monday, 26 June 2017


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Barry Gibb

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Wow! So beautiful! It's almost like hearing him with the brothers. I think they did come down from Heaven to " help" him a little bit.

Beautiful lyrics and melody Barry❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Saying Goodbye Lyrics Steamboats on rainy days. I can sit still For hours and hours. My face on the window-sill. Storm on a mountain. The picture I choose. The places I go to is where I can never be. Gone is the carnival when I had waited so long. I still believe in the sunglow, the sun. Dawn of my feelings, the light of my days. We steamed every moment. If only to prove we're alive. And we don't believe in saying goodbye. Saying goodbye. I still go back to my wonderful world. The child in the waters. The tall ships, the harbour lights. The heart still remembers the friends that I made. They call in my dreams with their hand reaching out to me. Who's gonna tell you the last bedtime story you hear? I still believe in the sunglow, the sun. Dawn of my feelings, the light of my days. I turned around the corner and somebody said I'm alive. Somebody heard I was praying. Saying goodbye. Saying goodbye.

I still believe in you, Barry Gibb! Your talent is like a brilliant ray of sunshine that brings warmth and light to each day! It amazes me how you can literally turn memories into incredible soul touching lyrics and create melodies that will linger on for years to come! Thank you! <3 xo

Greatest song writer of our generation. Truly God-given talent!! Absolutely LOVE him and his brothers. We have been blessed to live in the same era as these brilliant men!! Thank you for your gifts to the world!! <3 <3

Wow great song! It feels like it is directed to Robin, Mo and Andy. Just like when Robin woke up from coma and recorded on his iphone Back in Sydney, my brotehrs are with me living or died. RJ found the song after his death and finished it

This Song tuch my heart so deep, thanks Barry, you are so beautiful, never stop your music and the memoris of your brothers. 😍😇❤🤗

That's quite amazing tune Barry, I love it!! But maybe just saying "So Long for Now, and never Saying Goodbye" I don't believe in saying goodbye, really!

Barry, that was lovely! Always enjoyed your music.

I could see and hear Maurice and Robin singing with Barry while listening to this beautiful song! Peace to Barry for his losses (and the worlds)!

I love this song lyric and melody. We don't believe in saying goodbye!

Has a little Seals and Crofts sound to it! Beautiful song as usual! Thank you, Barry. Don't believe I've ever head it before.

Any chance that we'll see you in the Texas. It won't hurt to dream😀😀

The angelic voice of Barry still stirs my soul !!!

Barry Gibb, großartig!

truly a wonderful song. thank you Barry Gibb.


Love you Barry! ❤️💕

Beautiful 😇

Beautiful song xxx touches the heart❤️

Beautiful song ❤️

Beautiful ♥️♥️♥️


Beautiful song ❤️

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I remember a clip in which Barry said he would like to do country, but a producer said it wouldn't work or there wouldn't be a receptive audience - or some such dribble. I think Barry is perfect for country - it is songs of the heart, and who does songs of the heart better than Barry?

Wish I could have met Robyn/Maurice and I still want to meet Barry one day. Barry and Linda are at the top of my bucket list. Mayb one day I can. Bee Gees are the best and always will be.

Barry, your family has entertained me for 4 decades, I will always revere you and your brothers. Thank you so much, signed a Native American woman in Kansas City Missouri.

Love how Barry Gibb and the Bee Gees could sing any type of song... country, ballads, rock, disco.... they were/are so versatile. And always looked like they were enjoying themselves. Classy guys and wonderful hearts & souls!

Good morning to you too ... what a wonderful way to start my day ❤️ And something for you too if you check back in on comments... my lab pup, 1 year today and going for her service certification in about 3 weeks... hoping this returns the favor and this in some way helps fill your cup a little for your day ahead . the golden years are best lived when our cups are full to face each day ❤️❤️

Barry my brother plays banjo and lead vocals in his bluegrass band. Lovely performance..I knew you could sing country and this proves you can sing bluegrass as well. Thank you for sharing❤

Robin was not too keen on doing country. Although in listening to their earlier albums there was one song that Robin sang (don't remember title) where it sounded very country. We also have to remember " Don't Forget to Remember Me".

Sweet Barry, your suite of videos throughout the summer has been so revelatory about your diverse and blended talents. All the "yellow roses of Texas" are so proud of this video. I read the comments thus far, and we are in agreement, if it is right and if it pleases you, could you create a country album for us for Christmas? Please, sweet Barry? Best with smiles from all over the world, especially Texas! BTW, the blue shirt looks very complementary on you.

The Bee Gees had a number one country hit during their greatness called "rest your love on me a while", I believe they've had a hit , a number one that is in every single Music genre.

Love Barry singing BlueGrass!!! He should record a full country album.

Is there anything Barry Gibb can't sing? Love to hear him sing.

such a wonderful (as usual) performance Barry. Thank you for sharing.

Barry Gibb you silver fox. lol enjoyed this. thx for sharing

I would have never put the two of them together but they do sound great together need to do an album

I love watching this video! Barry could sing the want ads and they would sound great! 🙂

Love the country songs. You can sing anything and make my heart sing along. Once again, thank you. 😊

Love Barry singing Bluegrass!! Would love to hear more from him.

Beautiful. Your voice has the ability to change like a chameleon changes color.

I love Barry Gibbs he has always been my favorite singer 😙

Country, disco, ballads. ...really a genius Barry. Sincerely thanks for your versatile work.....

this is soo beautiful Helen Huff Thompson this makes me think of mama.

Barry Gibb singing Country. Love it!!

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