Birdy – Glastonbury Festival 2017

With a perfect voice and delicious songs, Birdy held the Avalon Stage audience in the palm of her hand.


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1 week ago


#MTVCrashes show airs this Friday at 9pm on MTV Music UK 💙 You can see preview of me with SIGMA below.

Find Me (Ft. Birdy) (Live At MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017) | MTV UK
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Find Me (Ft. Birdy) (Live At MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017) | MTV UK


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Birdy I'm landing Heathrow Sat 11:30! Meet me! I'll buy you a pint and sign your autograph!

I love this your sweat voice And your music is always on my mind

Love this song and Billy Brown awesome I'm the video can't wait to hear it live!!!



souch a fabulous voice, love you Birdy 🙂 <3


Beautiful voice and song!

Perfeito !!! 😱😍🎶🎶🎶👌✨💙💙❤❤💛💛💚💚

Essa garota é uma verdadeira artista!

gosh, ur so perfect <3

Love you Birdy😉

Fuckin WOW gwan Birdy class

Love it!!!come to Taiwan again please ❤️



Fantastic as always xx

I always love anything like this

Shar Vólkova como te las receto el doctor 7u7

Awesome !



I love💚

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2 weeks ago


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do you know that I want to faint. listeniong to you?. do you even wonder what does it mean? HOw much pain I had to endure because you were no here with me! I needed you I needed youy all these years, Yeah I had Jasmines in my life but they flew away for that stupid or not destiny. But I wanted you to stay. you never dare to leave me either because all these years made no sense without you. I just wonder why to do so much to go so far. To see the hardest extremes of human existance. Just to realize nothing made sense without you. I always knew it but I was looking for you . Where were you? Remind I was so much time without an Angel like you. and an Angel needs an Angel that is why I say how dare you leave. I needed you I needed your warm your hugs your stories your love because light needs light. My dear needed you so much never dissapear.

Ya ven a México, todos te amamos morrita ♡

Your music cools my mind so easily Many greetings from Nigeria (love you)

Dear Birdy and Band: Thank you! It was amazing yesterday!

Melbourne please.

man if could be there

We wait for you in Lollapalooza 2018 Brazil

angel <3

Birdy en lima!! Please

Estás bien hermosa novia mía, te amo👍🏻

Kisses from Perú I have a shelter for U ñ_ñ

La sublime BIRDY!!!adorable!.<3

I adore you 😍

Love how your music puts me to sleep at night Birdy! 🙂 x

See u x

On my birthday ^^

Love the photograph

Love you ....

Love u hny

Come to North Carolina please


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