Kiefer Sutherland – Glastonbury Festival 2017

The thing is, it’s really tough for an A-list actor to be taken seriously when they branch into music. But you know what – Kiefer Sutherland pulls it off with aplomb. His down-to-earth Americana is a self-written collection of stories of love, loss and booze…lots of boooze. And he has ten gallons of stage craft to make the live performance come to life.


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6 days ago

Kiefer Sutherland

The crowd and Kiefer in the UK.

📷 Beth Elliott
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The crowd and Kiefer in the UK. 

📷 Beth Elliott


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Shame there's not a photo of Keifer meeting fans after his gig in Glasgow. Oh yeah, that's because he never showed 😞🇬🇧

Loved the show at Birmingham.Even though it was really hot everyone was melting .Kiefer was dripping lol.The set seemed to go really fast .Lets hope I get the chance again next year .Perhaps I might get the chance for a photo this time because I think Kiefer had to leave fairly quickly due to the next destination so I felt a little disappointed.Hxxxxxxx

1300 fans at Glasgow, for example. If each had a 1 minute ‘meet and greet’ it would only take just under 22 hours. Jack Bauer could’ve done that and still had time to go to the bathroom! 🙄😜 The U.K. shows were awesome, really hope the KSB will be back next year. 🤘

To those who say they didn't get to meet him after a show...he never makes promises that he is going to come out. You don't know the circumstances that may prevent him from coming out after a show. I was lucky enough to meet him in Indy. I watched him with the guy who met him before me, and it was very emotional. I know he helped that guy a lot. He is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Please cut him some slack. Thanks. On another topic, to all the fake Kiefers out there...please stop. You're not fooling anyone but yourselves.

OMG OMG you are in my home town. I hope they were super welcoming cause I know everyone I know would be. Would love to have seen you there holy camoly how brilliant would that have been

So glad to get to see him at all. It was a great night. Enjoy the album on my way to and from work. Hope to see him again soon.

My hubby & I absolutely love your album! We like Designated Survivor, but we LOVED 24❤️Jack Bauer❤️is like no other~PLEASE GO BACK~we miss 24!!

Beth sure does take amazing photos! Countingndown the days until you're in Markham, I am so over the moon excited .

Front row at the London show 🙂

Hey jack you only have 24 hrs, don't chill out. Nation's security is at stake.

Kiefer since Lost boys and watching now designated survivor Never heard him singing will check in youtube

Still hoping you will come to Tucson and play.

Which UK show was this taken at? Bristol was awesome 💖

Second to comment please strike the like #kiefer

nice good..... But i can't see you...Hhhhhhh..

Always entertaining. Would love to say hello sometime!

Awesome photo! Hope you'll be touring near Arkansas soon; can't wait to see you again!

Loved him at Bourbon and Beyond!!!! So loving his music!

Beth always gets fantastic shots 📷 looking forward to the DVD of the tour ...

This be my man in 24 oooo

Markham Ontario Canada! Nov 4 ! My 💖 and I will so be there ! You and your band are INCREDIBLE ! Can’ttttttt stayyy aawwaayyyyyyyy 🎤🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎼🎤🎤

As on the Stage you're cool but on the Dutch Tv too

Wait. He's in the U.K.? Where and when??


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2 weeks ago

Kiefer Sutherland

Luxembourg | Not Enough Whiskey Tour

photo Beth Elliott
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Luxembourg | Not Enough Whiskey Tour 

photo Beth Elliott


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I wish I had known you are in Luxemburg.😔😔 Next time i will come and enjoy your Musik mr sutherland.

I'll be able to go to all your shows I want next year depending on $ because I will be celebrating my freedom from abusive marriage & becoming a grandma in May. I have to think of a cool name other than the ones that make me sound like an old lady. Years are relative, spirit is youthful. Time to rediscover myself & what I want rather than what everybody else wants from me. Now I have to find a place in New Mexico for y'all to perform because I'll probably be long gone from NC by then. You can still keep the Beaufort t-shirts though-- ;). Going to buy a matching one before I leave. See ya on the road next tour!

Please come to Europe again next year!

Why aren't you on 24 legacy man? I'm still yet to buy it

I wonder if he ever jammed with Tom Petty.

Beautiful photo Cowboy. Hè amigo do you know this Runaway on the Dutch tv

I'll always remember 2017 NO MORE WHISKEY TOUR w/Keifer Sutherland

I love the new hat! Wish you had it in Boston!

Dude, where do you find the time?!

I saw him last year at the Opry! Loved it!

I wonder why Jack Bauer does this. Must be an undercover thing 😀 😀

Kiefer shame on you for endorsing Barack Obama & supporting gun control and for giving any money to the devils Democratic party!

Is Scotland on the tour? I'm in Tommy Douglas country.

Damn... there's some fool passing himself off as Kiefer trying to get money from fans on this page...

Loved your show 🎸🤠 in St. Louis and hoping you will come to Little Rock soon! 🤞

so goodbye to the past it's time to start again i'll find a way yeah i'll find a way Goodbye at last i won't look back again no i'll a way to make me my best friends

I'm sorry. I think you misunderstood me...messenger.

The day 15 of September,the actor Harry Dean Stanton died due to a natural causes(was 91 years). You worked with him,in the film:"Twin Peaks:Fire walk with me". Poor man,was an interesting actor and I also saw him like a great person. I think that his best works like actor,were:"In The Heat of the Night", "Cool Hand Luke", "The Godfather 2", "The Last Temptation of Christ", "The Pledge", "The Avengers 1", "The green mille", "Anger Management", "A Civil Action", "Kelly's Heroes", "Alien", "Escape from New York", "Christine", "Red Dawn" (1984), "Paris,Texas", "Wild at Heart", "Twin Peaks:Fire walk with me", to be in chapters of the TV-series:"Twin Peaks", "Alfred Hitchcock presents", "The Untouchables", "Mannix", "Gunsmoke", "Bonanza", "Two and a half men" and "The Fugitive". My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace,Mr. Harrison "Harry" Dean Stanton.

Wish i was there.... :(... Must be an awesome Show...

Please get your handsome buttocks to Spokane, WA. Thank you!

When ya comin to Raleigh , NC Kiefman🎇


Designated Survivor tour


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