Kris Kistofferson (Glastonbury 2017)

Not the best-received set of the festival…


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Kris Kristofferson

From the bottle to the bottomnot blocked in Germany anymore πŸ™‚ Fair use - no copyright violation intended. the song is Sony Music content, the movie Wooly Boys is owned by Lionsgate I r... ... See MoreSee Less

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I love Kris and always have. I met him after a club concert in 1972. After he took a picture with me he kissed me <3 I was only 12 and was walking on clouds for so long after that night. I still tell people that Kris Kristofferson was my first kiss, because he was!

Kris has been through it all and still alive to talk about it!! Great video, great actor, awesome poet-songwriter, and I love ALL his songs and listen to them everyday!! He doesn't have to write another song; he's given us the best of the best!

A STAR IS forever my favorite.

Kris knows how to put good tunes together with the perfect story and words. Great talent

Could listen to this man forever. Poetry set to music! xx

Just perfection, and the best part- He doesn't know it ❀️

Been a Fan forever and seen him in concert in Long Island about 4 times and once upstate New York with Rita Collidge

Saw him in Manchester, England, in the 80's with Rita Coolidge and Billy Swan. It was the best concert ever. Love him.

Love the scenes from 'A Star is Born" and "Wooly Boys" two of my favorite Kristofferson films! ❀️

from the guy that wrote "Sunday Morning Coming Down" and gave it to Johnny Cash.. but that's another story

Saw kris twice in concert. Will always be a favorite of mine.

Always a fan . Still am. Great song writer.

Love this man.

CLASSIC Kris!!! ❀ this & him

My favorite song!

Love this song

Been there, love this one

Brilliant song. One of my faves!

great title

Great song writer!

Loved A star is born!! And love Kris always

He is the best Love Kris!

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5 days ago

Kris Kristofferson

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Fabulous! I have been a fan forever! I love to watch A Star Is Born over and over. My husband a.ways teased me by calling you "old froggy voice." Funniest thing, he always snuck your music from my car to his.

What a great photo of a great man. Not so long ago someone said to me: wauw you look good, you look like the father of Kris Kristofferson

Always thought you had beautiful eyes! Love your music, Thank you for years of wonderful music, I still sing along!! my fav? Why me Lord!

I've always been amazed that this man who could have had any academic path he chose but chose to develop and follow his musical abilities. As a parent, I would have wept! As a fan, thank goodness!!!😘

I have been lucky to meet with Kris on three occasions over the years. He keeps it from the heart and down to earth! Love his song..This Old Road Look at that old photograph...Is it really you.....Smiling like a baby full of dreams....

Genuine feelings of sincerity show throughout all his accomplishments in life, despite challenges battled . Thx Kris for your perseverance & honesty ! You're an inspiration in strength of character & wearing your emotions bravely open as you've climbed your ladder with conviction & purpose to be your true self , warts & all. You've meant the world to me .

A true fan from the beginning of his carreerThere is nothing not to love about this genis man who has brought so much joy to so many of us with his billiant writting and his soulful voice , i listen to his music every day I never gets old to me ,LOVE YOU KRIS YOU KEEP IT UP

See that long line of people who keep standing in the rain....killing time....they don't know that the Signal light they're waiting for ain't ever gonna change....killing time.....getting old....

Best pic of Kris I recall that expressed who he is was on the back cover of Me & Bobby McGee, I think?.....sitting on a fence looking cool πŸ™‚

Grew up listening to Kris Kristofferson and still love listening to his music at 55!! I saw him in Baltimore in the 80's at Pier 6 pavilion and I reached my hand up to him and he grabbed it and bent down and kissed my cheek 😍

Always a Kind, Wonderful Badass! Love when he teams up with Willie Nelson!

mr. kristofferso. i don't know if you will ever see this message, but, man, i'm 62 yrs old, and i've been listening too, and singing your music since i was 15 yrs.old. with no underlying connotations, man i love you and your music. GOD bless you!

I saw the trailer for "A Star is Born" in Dec. of 1976 when I was a junior in high school visiting my grandparents in Florida. I already liked Barbra Striesand but had never seen Kris before and didn't realize he was the same age as my parents. Needless to say, I saw the movie with my friends 3Γ— and cried each time and fell in love with Kris. The following year I had his 8Γ—10 black and white photo front and center in my locker all year. What a beautiful talent he is, not to mention vampire slaying! 😊

The Good Lord did a great job when he created Kris.He made a genis,and handsome and courage to do what God meant his life to be.What joy he has brought to the entire world.So thank you God and Kris for the pleasure ive known and that is you always

Easter Island album is awesome; all 10 songs are great!! Love that face, love that voice, love your talent/songwriting/acting. God bless you & your family now & forever!

I've been a fan a long time. Don't hear much from him anymore and that's a pity.

Always my favorite. Got to see him in Las Vegas in a small room at the golden nugget and once up close at the Orleans again Las Vegas and will go again anytime I get the chance πŸ’˜

He looks clean ,sober and a Angelic looking. I first saw him in the movie A Star is Born. A Rhodes scholar that followed his dreams as a singer and an actor.

You And Bob, changed the world with the undying truth, of love, thank you, Jesus Christ did some kinda allright with you two

A lot of people don't know that Kris, is a Rhodes Scholar! Which, of course, help him write such brilliantly written songs! Like, "Sunday Morning Coming Down", "Why Me Lord", "For The Good Times", "Help Me Make It Through The Night" and on and on. He wrote a lot of HIT songs for other recording artist. And made a fortune. Multi talented writer, producer, actor, and a great man.

I grew up on his music and am a huge fan, both of my parents were and still are fans of his. Whenever I listen to his music it makes me feel at peace with the world around me.

Γ„lskar dina lΓ₯tar. SΓ₯Γ₯ fin bild

Kris Kristofferson if you're on here I really need to speak with you! Gonna try to get to concert with Cody Jinks at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre St. Louis but no $ til day b4.

Greatest movie is "the Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea"..

Have mercy on me!! Even an old lady can lust after this. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson

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