Lorde (Glastonbury 2017)

Twenty-year-old Newzealander, Lorde, took the gamble to go for a big production number with her Glastonbury debut performance. Risking being overwhelmed by the scale of the stage, the singer came through unscathed, delivering up songs in front of a giant glass shipping container that was raised above the stage and slowly filled with party people.


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2 weeks ago


paris you were heaven last night. antwerp — still a few tix on the door available here. come dance! www.teleticketservice.com/en/tickets/2017-2018/lorde ... See MoreSee Less


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Dear Lorde (or should I say Dear Ella), We’re not gonna dwell on the fact that your concert was simply put perfect : out-of-this-world vocals, and magnetic presence. In fact, I spent all night listening to your albums again and again, sobbing uncontrollably to them. I would however like to thank you for the connection I’ve been able to share you during this short but intense moment. You have always been this type of artist that matters on a personal level to me, and you have helped me go through so much in my life. I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now had I not discovered your music. You taught us that we were not what we thought we were, and certainly not liabilities. You taught us that it was okay to feel lost and not where we wanted to be yet. You taught us that we shouldn’t be afraid to be weird or awkward or to feel like an outcast, but that we should embrace it. You taught us that we were on each other’s team. But most importantly you were a voice that has been able to translate into words that feeling of coming of age, the slow yet brutal realization that navigating human relationships is far more complex than we thought, and that not everything and in fact almost nothing in life is binary. Hope you heard the « YAS QUEEN » I shouted at you 👸 Thank you for showing us perfect places yesterday night, you sweet little angel 👼🏼 💚 Sincerely yours, Pacome PS : should you answer, I promise not to overthink your punctuation use PS2: I also promise to stop with these lame lyric-related jokes

Fu** my luck I was first in the line had tickets and they wouldn't let me in I cried like a baby worst day of my life 😭😭

Lost my voice and seriously injured my neck yesterday from dancing way too much 😂 ! You were so lit 💛 !!

The concert @ Lotto Arena, Antwerp was just STUNNING Ella!! It was a real pleasure to see you performing that perfect!! Thank you for this all! You told to come back to Belgium, so please do so Ella!!!!!

Pleaaase come back soon Ella 😭🙏🏻❤️ it was one of the best day of my Life ✨ I have long waited for this moment, 4 years ! Too many emotions 💖 I looked at you, looked at you, I looked at you in the smallest detail of your face, and as I looked at you, I had the impression not to look at you again enough ! The impression of not realizing that it was you, I was in a dream 💖✨ and it's painful to get out ❤️ I wanted so much to see you get out of this car, to see you one last time, and to be able to hug you in my arms ❤️ Thank you so much for this magical moment, I don’t have the words to describe it ! it was MAGICAL ! I already miss you. Love ❤️

Another kind of "The Hunger Games" (Heartfelt regards to all actors, people, ... who worked in this movie.): I have won them by self-knowledge as a human being in the modern worldview as a fictional Heavenly Father or god in post-Abrahamic Aquarian Age (Book of Revelation 21 and 22).

You were pretty amazing/awesome!! Like we were at the perfect place in Antwerp! Loved the show! Loved it all!

You were amazing in Paris, thank you for that awesome show. We love you here, come back anytime you want.

So happy to see you again in France after the Love green festival, 3 years ago, so much energy et I love your new songs, why don't you introduce your musicians ? Hope you will keep a good souvenir from Paris 🇨🇵

I'm so upset. Wish u were comming to Lollapalooza Brazil 😢

I thought you spoke French when you said "paris (without pronuncing the "s")" which means "bet"

Tell Paris to stop tarnishing my reputation

Thanks for last night Lorde!! (poke Alain Moisan)

Last night, I was there and it was a perfect place <3 Thank you !

Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) needs you, my dear! ❤

Lucija Bujanić samoprozvano san odlucila da se mogu besramno pocet nabrijavat sad haha

Yaya yayay help me unload the car yayaya!! Feeling good on a Wednesday!


And here's me in the Dordogne, oh well, one day ☆♡☆♡☆

In the palm of your hand. Stay safe out there.

Love you little gurl!!!!

Love you so much babe you look gorgeous

When are you coming to cali again lorde? Im a huge fan, id love to take the girlfriend to see you

She can make a diamond bust just by herself😳🤗🤑😎❤️

I would have loved to be there.... 😢 Next time, I hope !!! ❤️

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2 weeks ago


soooo pleased to announce that Run The Jewels, Mitski, Tove Styrke are joining us for NORTH AMERICA DANCE 🎒🥀🌶 lorde.co.nz/tour

ALSO we are adding a SEATTLE SHOW: 3/9/18 at the key arena!!! pre-sale code is WASTERS & that pre-sale starts 2day at 10am pacific 🍇 bit.ly/2kkLFBT
... See MoreSee Less

soooo pleased to announce that Run The Jewels, Mitski, Tove Styrke are joining us for NORTH AMERICA DANCE 🎒🥀🌶 lorde.co.nz/tour 

ALSO we are adding a SEATTLE SHOW: 3/9/18 at the key arena!!! pre-sale code is WASTERS & that pre-sale starts 2day at 10am pacific 🍇 http://bit.ly/2kkLFBT


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Please come to Brazil, Lorde. I never asked you anything!

Lord sweetie I'm arranging a Concert or festival in my kibbutz in north of Israel, it's beautiful not NZ but close. Already invited Eric Clapton, Arctic Monkeys but actually send invites only to Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, it wouldn't be the same without Royals and all drinks on me

STILL no New Orleans though? So many of us were rained out at Jazz Fest and kinda would like to see you down here!

I beg you MONTREAL!!!!!! IN North America it's just another stop... You would make my life and many others'

Shit i canttt pagtour diris cagayan de oro, philippines specifically diris gusa biiii leche oyps maghilak jud ko Lorde baypss amputa hali na biii i need u in ny systemmmm i love u mommmmmmmmm

never thought i'd see lorde and rtj on the same tour 😮


Lorde please visit our country Philippines

Leilah Yanni lol tf Lorde and run the jewels that is the randomest combo ever


i'm sad that Tove Styrke won't be at any of the shows near Pittsburgh 😭

Mallory Wright yoooo Lorde is coming to Toronto but it might be when I go on my trip. 😭

Roy Chan Run The Jewels supporting Lorde!!!

Lorde and Run The Jewels O M F G

Tom Lorde and Run the Jewels tho?!

Cool lorde keep up yur kinda fallin behind just like everybody else lol jkz have a great day😳🤔🤗🤑🔥⚡️🔻🌎🇨🇦❤️👻

RUN THE JEWELS opening for LORDE????? Are you serious??

Run The Jewels is opening for Lorde, that's a random combo lol Bianca

Tim Lam ok we get tove styrke i can't even complain

Natalie Shirley I got excited for the key arena show but then I realized I don't live there anymore smhhh

Erik, RTJ, touring with lorde?

Please Lorde come to Latin America!!! CHILE is waiting for you and all your beautiful melodrama 😭😍❤❤ READ MEEE!!❤❤❤❤🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉

Lizz Weiler! We'll also see Run The Jewels!!

Juliet Garland lorde + mitski + rtj in one show help

Grrrrrrl, where is the brazilian dates of this tour?

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Melodrama World Tour: KeyArena at the Seattle Center

Melodrama World Tour: KeyArena at the Seattle Center

Mar 9, 6:00pm - Mar 10, 7:00am

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March 9th - Seattle, WA - Melodrama World Tour @ KeyArena at the Seattle Center

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