The Avalanches – Glastonbury Festival 2017

Playing their debut UK festival show on the Glastonbury West Holts Stage, The Avalanches can only be described as seriously fun. Ripping up the rule book they blend and bend genres into new and interesting shapes. Their Glastonbury set was a joyous thing to behold, and when the strains of Frontier Psychiatrist blasted across the festival site every ear in Worthy Farm started twitching with interest.


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4 days ago

The Avalanches

LP#3 - Day 1 ... See MoreSee Less

LP#3 - Day 1


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Counting down the days til 2032!!

Vengan a México, cabrones!! Ni trajeron el último y yo todavía quiero escuchar el Since i left you. Se pasan de verga

Lauren Ruth new album YEEEEEEEET

Nick Birznieks the plunder begins fuckkkk

Noah Wou Chris Tardy can it just be noisy eater 15 times

You guys got more accomplished on day 1 of LP #3 than you did by day 3,650 of LP #2. Way ahead of schedule this time around.

Vijay Nayak see the liquid liquid in the background?

What a turn around! See you in another15? Your live show killed it!

There is no emoticon for running round screaming with my pants on my head. Is there?

Say the Buddah Records single is something from Captain Beefheart! <3 (It was his first major label after A&M rejected his first songs)

some celia cruz y tito puente !? :') reppin cuba the right way.

Dylan Ganepola yeett

Round 3 here we go! Axel Bonnevier

liquid liquid? 😮

Alex Maynard at least 10 years away



Hope it's more since I left you like😁🙏

Ludovic Lefebvre

Ai caralho Giovanni Fernando Missagia

"I feel like a winner, when you make a mixed tape"!

Tom ik youve already seen it but AAA

This is the best news EVER!!!!!

can't wait for Day 5696!!

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3 weeks ago

The Avalanches

From the bottom of our hearts thank you Fuji Rock Festival we will never forget you! ... See MoreSee Less

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You mean your second rate rapper decided to play a show and not cancel? Go fuckyourself! It would have been nice to see you in Chicago when you were supposed to fucking play. Assholes...

You were incredible and one of the best sets of Fuji Rock, peace ❤

Chicago is still trying to recover from losing you at Pitchfork.... 😔

Thank you very much for coming to Japan! We're waiting to see you again soon!!

Izumi Aussie band near Fuji!

Come back to Chicago 😭

Spewing we couldn't be there this year!!

Did you play just a hour like your show in paris ?!

Check this out for a festival location Colten Harvey

I'll talk to Carol


Andy Hone So close but no dice Chicago!

Vanessa Warn look at that backdrop

John Robinson when we going?

Hong Kong!!!!

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