The Devil’s Cut Combo at The Vicar’s Picnic 2017

A tight Jump Blues four piece, The Devil’s Cut Combo are filling vintage dance floors across Europe and turning heads across the globe.

They stand out not only due to their effortless style and authenticity, which drive an infectious beat of hot early 50’s R’nB, Rockin’ Blues and Boogie Woogie, but also by the delivery of their exceptional original material – incomparable on the scene today.

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5 days ago

The Vicar's Picnic

We'll keep this short...


Tickets will be on sale from Friday 1st December at at Early Bird prices!

Please like, share and tell all your family and friends.

See you at the Picnic!
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Vicar's Picnic 2018


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What are the camping arrangements going to be next year? Is there going to be a separate camping areas for families this time?

Nooooooo! It's a week later than previous years! I can't go 😭

Will there be any announcements on the lineup before then?

So pleased first of all that the festival is back after the great time we had last year!!! How about a bit of 80s electro The The Vicar's Picnic to get the crowd singing along to songs they'll know.Give these guys a shout-they'd get the crowd rocking!!!

Cast, Lightning Seeds, Shed Seven. Just got back from the Shiiine Festival and there have been some amazing bands over the past three years - Sheds definitely top of the list so far 😊

It's a bit early to know the line up people! Just be grateful it's on another year and whoever is playing it's gonna be good 😁

These would be a good booking

Gutted that you've changed the weekend the dates, thought it would have been around the 15th like this year... 🙈 no Vicars for me next year 😭

Should be great, just don't bring back the Fratellis😁

FNUK arena absolutely stole the show this year in my opinion. the vibe was incredibly satisfying. .... I hope your taking notes 👈 🤘

I can’t commit to buying til I know the line up. Can’t risk it

Happy Monday's, they're touring at mo too

Once again into the breach Nathan Grundy - I think the answer is yessssss! Thoughts Party Leader Maxine Gandell?

Can't wait 😎 I'd love to see COCO and the butterfields and skinny lister again 😀 any chance? ❤

We want to go glamping this year! Are you doing the glamping again and do I pay for it at same time as the entrance tickets xx

Preeti Trice is that Amelia 13 seconds in??! X

Lory Sinnott this has got a bit of us written all over it! Kids and your Martin too?? xx

Corrie Piper date change- hope you can still do it!

Scott Eveleigh I’m not buying until the line up is out

We r stars xx


Beccy, Ria take a look

Ta Tel xx

More info please!

Can’t wait!!!!

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7 days ago

The Vicar's Picnic

Hello Picnickers! Did you have a good summer?

We've been quiet over over the last few months, holed up in the heart of Yalding and thinking about the amazing success of this year's festival.

We will have an ANNOUNCEMENT to make this coming MONDAY so tell all your friends to keep and eye out and like and share our posts!

Love The VP Team
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July 20th and 21st with tickets going on sale December 1st?

Dualers playing a full set?? 🙂

Kellie N Tony xx

Danny, Mark Corrie Piper 😍

Paula Wilkinson 👍

Antony Bain

Aaron Istrappedbybt

Jo Burkitt

Dualers playing most of the day x

Might have to actually attend instead of working 🙈

Actually can’t wait for this festival ❤️

Looking forward to next year's picnic


Can’t wait 😊

Are The Bowie Experience playing?

Dates? Bands? New site?

Stephen Sullivan Katy Sephton Adele Clements Lisa Jackson Dave Jackson

Ooh Sharon Grainger Sharon Freeman Joanne Smith Jakki Flynn...

Sarah Stevens xx

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