The Pretenders (Glastonbury 2017)

An inspired booking, The Pretenders were a brilliant act to open the Other Stage, with Chrissie Hynde in full flow with relaxed banter between hit after hit of classic guitar-based rock and roll.


Martin Chambers at Glastonbury

Posted by Pretenders on Saturday, 24 June 2017


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4 hours ago


Ringo's childhood home ....
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There’s something lovely about the fact that even a renowned musician is in awe of The Beatles. May you never lose that sense of wonder, Chrissie.

Hope you had a great time in Liverpool as we did at the show last night. You were AWESOME. Hope you can keep your word to come back again as it would be great to have you play here again. Thanks again for a great night! 💗 to you all.

Brilliant show in Liverpool last night!!!! Loved your tribute to the Beatles with "Tomorrow never knows" 😍👍🏻

Still in awe off the Newcastle venue, even better than the last time. don't leave it so long next time 😎🎶

Amazing show last night still buzzing please come back very soon xx

It was always the Stones for me.

Fantastic show last night! Come back soon, guys!!! Xx

Been there done that Konrad Cheung

You are such a badass, love it

Great shirt,,,from Cardiff!!!!

See you soon in Sydney CH 😁



Goin' on pilgrimages...

10 Downing Street!

My lovers 🙂

Merci de non faire voir ce monument

David Hollins

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2 days ago


Hi Friends and enemies alike!
the UK tour is stellar. Seeing the cities has been a pure joy. For the most part there’s vast improvements being made; pedestrianised town centres really help. People walking and hanging out.
Traveling by train everyday has been a revelation. The train system in the UK is 99.9 percent better than in the US. (And to think the slaves under the ‘guidance’ of European settlers broke their backs to lay down those tracks...only to have them abandoned...for what?) Is there still time to reinstate a train system in America? Anyone out there got a bright idea?
The audiences here have also been a revelation. So much fun. Maybe there IS a future for bands after all. And I think people are happy NOT to use their phones during shows. That’s another thing that’s changing for the better....the phone culture is now just boring. (If i see a guy walking down the street who’s NOT on his phone, i just want to go over and kiss him, but that would be a bit crap so i restrain myself.)
My other thoughts this morning are about farmers. Like everything else in the modern world, industrialisation has put their livelihoods in near extinction. But I believe there is a way to turn the tide: non agressive farming. Small farms.
My dream, as always, is to see factory farms destroyed, blown up, burned down. Ditto fast food chains like McDonalds the butchers in clown suits. And don’t forget KFC, Burger King and all the other burger joints and chicken kiosks. Gross - gotta go!
Both kosher and halal are a big lie and we all know it. The killing they do isn’t acceptable by any creed so clean up your sneaky acts. The ‘rules’ are like everything else in the Grammy Culture ......its all about the money. Stop it now.
I feel for the employees of these dumping grounds and the people working in abattoirs and the ignorant masses feeding from them. In some ways the animals are getting the better end of a grim deal.
One day, in my lifetime, I hope to see animal sanctuaries and farms and as one and the same thing.
It’s easy for us animal rights people to love animals because animals are perfect and never go against their inherent natures or makes mistakes. Us humans on the other hand are flawed and make mistakes constantly ....easy to hold in contempt.
Personally, I love humans, but then, i like a challenge.
A farm should be like a band and it’s crew. Let the crew sing!

P.S - Saturday night in Portsmouth - me with Dan Mathews Vice President of PETA and ‘our’ husband Jack.
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For the record if you see me on the street not using my phone please feel free to give me a kiss, that wouldn't be crap at all! I'm glad you're enjoying the UK tour - please don't leave it too long before returning. Here's my review and photos from Manchester...

from rural Ontario: I watched your gig on ACL last eve via the PBS station WQLN Erie. Your early tunes brought back great memories. I have Get Close in cassette form. I'm playing it now .. so glad I kept my cassette player! If you bring your tour to London Canada I'll "saddle up the horse" and ride up to see your gig!

Come to Leeds Chrissie you'll love it! Or even better Unity Hall in Wakefield where you played your first UK gig with Strangeways. I was there.

A group of friends went from Sweden and Denmark with me to Manchester to see and hear you, we so enjoyed....please come to Scandinavia soon <3

Tomorrow in Liverpool clashes with a Liverpool FC Champions League match, so I might check my phone - sorry! See you tomorrow!

I missed you last time you were around. Any chance you'll be making it back to Southern California anytime soon?

I caught your appearance on Austin City Limits this weekend. You were awesome as expected!

I loved the Show in Newcastle and the guys were Awesome!!

If I saw her on the train, I'd faint!

You’re the only sane person on the whole “internets”

Back on the chain gang. 🙂

Please come to Vienna, Austria 👏👏👏

Hey Austin City Limits gig was great.


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