Thomas Azier was brought to our attention by his keen PR office.

Now, as a rule, we tend to ignore such requests for coverage as we like to rely on our own ears.

But in an idle moment we decided to give his debut album, Hylas, and his soon-to-be-released sophomore offering, Rouge, a listen. And we’re glad we did.

On Hylas the Dutch electro-pop producer and performer’s style is slick, smooth and highly polished.

It’s not a surprise that the marketing team behind YSL have been using one of the tracks, Ghost City, for the last three years to help promote their Beaute campaign (with videos shot by Colin Tilley, one of the industries most in-demand music video directors).

Rouge, however, is a new direction for Azier.

Set for release on 12 May, it leans heavily on introspective piano-led ballads and creates far more relaxed and chilled-out ambience that suits those moments when you need space to reflect on life a little.

Here’s one of the tracks, Winners, that has been released ahead of the album launch.

Watch out for Thomas Azier at The Great Escape or see him at Electrowerks in London on 22 May.

6 days ago

Thomas Azier

Sometimes a photograph tells a story.... 🙂 #Rouge (by Patricia Khan) ... See MoreSee Less

Sometimes a photograph tells a story.... :) #Rouge (by Patricia Khan)

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Your story is in the album, 🔴 ROUGE 🔴 ! Rdv le 31 à Paris ! ✌️

I love the pic in the mirrow...

Love this picture ! Your look is incredibly beautiful and mysterious...

Créative're looking at yourself 🙂

great pic

Good idea, very good photograph, great picture! Hurried to listen Rouge, I'm looking forward to see you in live!! 😘

Reminds me of bowie 🙂

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7 days ago

Thomas Azier

I'm playing this beautiful place today. There is a LIVE STREAM at 18h50. I'll share it with you as soon as it's live. #theatrejacquescoeur #bourges ... See MoreSee Less

Im playing this beautiful place today. There is a LIVE STREAM at 18h50. Ill share it with you as soon as its live. #theatrejacquescoeur #bourges

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can somebody please recorder for me? I have to give Italian's lesson toninight 🙁 please send me the link

Noa IJdo

I know this place and really beautiful...thanks for the Live Stream 😎

Bella Bambule

Berend Arts dadelijk euge

A love stream 💖

We'll be online in a couple of minutes

großartig! 💖

Thanks for stream! It was amazing!

We hebben je live gezien gisteren in Bourges. Super 👍

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